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How Much Extra Cash Americans Need for the Basics

If it hasn’t become clear, Bidenomics isn’t working. But just how much extra is it costing you? Well, to be clear that depends on the...
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12 Unexpected Countries Holding America’s IOUs 

While every American understands the devastating impact of the current national debt crisis, the details of who the United States owes money to and...
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Why Farmer’s Markets are Key to Our Economy (and Our Future)

Farmer's markets play a crucial role in supporting and stimulating the economy in various ways. Consider these reasons on your way to the large...
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Bidenflation Sends Evictions 50% Higher Than Pre-COVID, and People Are Trapped

As Americans are continuing to find new ways to do more with less, the inflation facilitated by President Biden’s economics has taken a tremendous...
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Will Debt Ceiling Deal be McCarthy’s Undoing? 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) faced an uncertain future in the House in January of 2023. The embattled representative’s bid for speakership was far...
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Reparation Ideas From City-Appointed Reparations Committee Would Bankrupt the Country, Not Just CA Metropolis

Let's start with some of the ideas that the city-appointed reparations committee has for San Francisco: • $5 million to every eligible adult • The elimination of all...

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