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Hamara /

Despite Ban, China Building Nukes Using US Tech

Shockingly, decades-old export restrictions are like restraining orders, they stop nothing. This has led China to surge forward in its nuclear weapons exploration. With at...

Andrew Tate’s Assets in Romania Being Seized As He Sits in Jail

Former professional kickboxer and current social media influencer Andrew Tate has seen his world turned upside down since 2023 started. While he has become the...
gpointstudio /

Ukraine Dictator’s Wife Caught Dropping 40,000 Euros on Christmas Presents in Paris

It is infuriating to many Americans that Congress and the Biden regime continue to send billions in taxpayer money to Ukraine. This whole thing...
Asatur Yesayants /

Putin Won’t Offer a Year-End Address…But Why?

Every year, Putin addresses the people of Russia with a Christmastime press conference. However, this year, there will be no press conference. Why? There are a...
ChiccoDodiFC /

“Is This Thing On?” Can You Hear Who Was Just Released Back to Russia?

Finally, someone was willing to say that the king wasn’t wearing any clothes. President Joe Biden announced that the United States was planning to...

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