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China Gets Space Coms In Place Over Western US

On December 14th, China's top-secret spaceplane, dubbed Shenlong, left on its third mission. A launch from the Gobi Desert, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media... /

The Electric Buses Have Frozen to Death in Oslo, Norway

The company that runs the public bus services in Oslo, Norway is called Ruter. It plans to have a whopping 320 all-electric buses in...
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MMA Champ Conor McGregor Calls for Civil War in Ireland over Illegal Alien Murders

A notorious murder trial in Ireland just wrapped up, and the government’s response to it has UFC champion Conor McGregor calling for a civil...
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Switzerland Mails Out 5 Million Iodine Tablets in Case of Nuclear Disaster

For decades now, the political left has idolized the government of a few Nordic nations, claiming they are how the US should also be...
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Video: Canadian Conservative Leader Makes a Leftist Reporter Melt Down

A guy named Pierre Poilievre is the current leader of the Canadian Conservative Party. If you haven’t heard of him, you should probably familiarize...
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12 Unexpected Countries Holding America’s IOUs 

While every American understands the devastating impact of the current national debt crisis, the details of who the United States owes money to and...
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DOJ Caught Hiding Biden’s Relationship With “Spy Chief of China”

Officials are finally done looking into the Department of Justice (DOJ)’s shameful investigation and prosecution of CEFC China Energy Co. boss and infamous Biden...
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Shokin’s Explosive Interview is More Bad News for Biden 

While the mainstream media has been working overtime to convince the American people that there was “nothing to see” regarding the firing of Ukrainian...
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Liberals Are Enraged at Italy’s Pushback on the Woke Agenda

If Italy is the Florida of Europe, then Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is their Ron DeSantis. Better yet, she's their Donald Trump, seeing as...
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Russia Duped the Incompetent FBI into Censoring Americans over Ukraine

The House Subcommittee on Weaponization of Government revealed this week that the FBI censored American citizens and journalists to shape the administration’s fake narrative...

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