Bidenflation Puts More Veterans on the Street Than Ever Before

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President Joe Biden loves touting his programs in front of the cameras. Cherry picked data, over inflated numbers, and signed legislation that sounds impressive and helps virtually nobody are his hallmarks since taking over the Presidency. One of his favorite groups to talk about is veterans. From his son Beau who he claimed died in Iraq, when factually he died from cancer likely caused by service in Iraq. To his son Hunter who was kicked out of the Navy for cocaine, he tried to make it sound like he gets Veterans.

Yet they are being forced to fight harder than ever to stay alive and housed as their disability and pension aren’t keeping pace with his inflation. As a result, from 2022 to 2023 the number of homeless vets jumped 7%- the most ever recorded. The Department of Housing and Urban Development study reported an increase of over 2,400 veterans who lacked stabilized housing last year. Totaling 35,574 across the US, Biden has utterly failed Veterans just as every other Democrat has.

According to Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough, the VA is fully committed to helping veterans avoid homelessness, and that they have the resources available. He claims they are doing everything they can to fix the situation and that they are always prepared to help a Veteran get the help they deserve.

In a subsequent tweet, the VA touted this historic increase like it was something to be proud of. “Homeless Veteran statistics rose in 2023, but not as much as overall homelessness. Actions by VA in 2022 appear to have reduced the risk of a greater increase.”

Talk to any veteran who has struggled since leaving the service, and they’ll tell you how little the VA offers in terms of programs until you hit homelessness. In many cases, they want to see that happening for days, if not months, before they’ll even do anything. In danger of losing your place just means moving into their sponsored housing which is always in horrible disrepair, and often won’t accept their service dogs without an issue.

If the VA is planning on investigating what is causing it, perhaps they should reexamine how their disability process goes. The imbalance in disability payments, as well as the availability of options for support and clinics, is incredible. In rural areas, many are without services and are reliant on either incredibly poor internet or phone service that often goes unanswered. This means that homelessness is more prevalent and yet underreported.

As we have seen time and time again from this administration, when they say something will be done, it only happens if the Biden family has found a way to make money from it. They already had money in Ukraine and made it easy to influence the election from there. All while trying to claim Trump had one and even trying to impeach him over it. Now they are doing it in Israel and Palestine as Biden is supporting both sides and has his hooks in.

Quite frankly, Biden is more determined to let the veterans rot unless he needs them for a photo op or to parade around for an ad. He hasn’t visited the troops or even really tried to be involved in the military except to call for it to be reduced and then be shocked when they can’t bring people in. No longer the service many remember, they aren’t advocating for the younger generation to join, nor are they the once revered “gods amongst men” they were once silently thought of as.

President Biden could easily fix this problem. The billions in cash and weapons he gave Ukraine without a second thought or opinion, he could have instead invested in our nation’s veterans. New places could be opened, renovated, or repurposed for housing. Hell, with the massive number of VA employees who now telework, they could be leasing that space out as homeless veteran housing.