Surges in Cancer Linked to COVID Vaccines 

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Gorodenkoff /

A recent peer-reviewed study has raised concerns about the link between Covid mRNA vaccines and cancer-related deaths. Published in the prestigious Cureus journal, the study found that the risk of dying from cancer significantly increased with each mRNA injection. Specifically, the research focused on the third dose of the vaccine during the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan. This study, conducted by world-renowned Japanese experts in cardiovascular medicine and cancer research, sheds new and damning light on the hotly debated topic of vaccine injuries. 

Before the pandemic and throughout its first year, cancer deaths were trending downward. Once COVID shots and boosters were mainstream, cancers began to rise again among 75 to 79-year-olds who had taken them. There was also a marked increase in cancer deaths among vaccine-compliant 80 to 84-year-olds starting in 2022. Both of these age groups had booster rates above 90%. 

The increases in cancer-related deaths were seen in those suffering from prostate, ovarian, pancreatic, leukemia, and pharyngeal cancers. 

The authors of the study point to a long list of vaccine-related complications. The Covid mRNA vaccines contain tiny particles called lipid nanoparticles, which can spread throughout the body’s organs. These vaccines also produce spike proteins, a part of the virus that can linger in the bloodstream after vaccination. There are worries about blood clotting, with some studies suggesting the vaccines might increase this risk.  

These mRNA vaccinations could also lead to increased IgG4 antibodies, an immune system component, which could potentially reactivate dormant viruses. Though the long-term effects are uncertain, concerns remain regarding mRNA materials mixing with genetic material. 

Additionally, the vaccines may suppress Type I interferons, which are essential for fighting cancer cells.  

A prominent Japanese professor, Masayasu Inoue, MD, PhD, and Professor Emeritus at Osaka City University Medical School, has made a startling claim, asserting that the COVID pandemic was a hoax to promote widespread vaccination. Inoue alleges that this “false” pandemic was orchestrated by the World Health Organization (WHO), a United Nations health agency. He further accuses the WHO, along with the UN and other globalist organizations and governments worldwide, of committing an “extreme violation of human rights.” 

Calling the vaccination push a “fraudulent promotion of experimental gene therapy,” Inoue warns that the widespread use of Covid mRNA vaccines has resulted in unprecedented drug-induced injuries. 

Meanwhile, counties across the globe are supporting a WHO/UN “Global Pandemic Treaty,” which would grant sweeping powers to the UN and the World Health Organization to mandate vaccines, censor media platforms against “misinformation,” ration food, restrict travel, and institute global lockdowns. 

It doesn’t have to be a declared health emergency – the treaty authorizes the WHO and the U.N. to forcibly take action against “climate emergencies,” such as enforcing “climate lockdowns.” 

A climate lockdown involves government measures to combat “climate change,” similar to the lockdowns experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. The objective is to “decrease emissions and prevent further global warming.” Measures may include encouraging people to stay indoors to reduce their carbon footprint, restricting private vehicle use to cut transportation emissions, banning red meat consumption, especially beef, to lower emissions from livestock farming, implementing large-scale energy-saving practices, such as using energy-efficient appliances and reducing wasteful energy consumption, and temporarily halting fossil fuel drilling to curb greenhouse gas emissions. 

All of the UN’s participating countries, 193 in total, are expected to sign the treaty, including the United States. President Joe Biden not only supports it, but he was also one of the world leaders who urged the UN to create it in the first place. 

Recent bombshell testimony by high-ranking officials shows precisely how the WHO weaponized the pandemic to promote a global vaccination agenda. Dr. Hanna Nohynek, WHO’s chair of the Strategic Group of Experts on Immunization and chief physician at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, revealed that the WHO was aware of the ineffectiveness of Covid mRNA vaccines but still advocated for their widespread use.  

Nohynek, a globally renowned physician and one of the WHO’s leading immunization experts, testified that the WHO used the concept of vaccine passports to ensure public compliance with the vaccination agenda despite knowing the vaccine’s inefficacy against COVID-19. During her court appearance on Thursday, Nohynek testified that she had argued with WHO officials that compelling the public to receive potentially risky and ineffective mRNA shots and demanding proof of those vaccinations lacked any “logical sense.”  

Her recommendations were ignored, and the world crashed and burned. 

It’s another victory for conspiracy theorists if such a win can be labeled a “victory.” Being proven right yet again does nothing to reverse the damages caused by the joint efforts of the WHO, the UN, and the Biden administration and will do little to stop Biden’s push to give the WHO the authority to dictate decisions in the United States.