Government Trust Plummets Under Biden – You Won’t Believe the Numbers!

Andrii Yalanskyi /
Andrii Yalanskyi /

The federal government’s approval among Americans took a nosedive during President Joe Biden’s third year in office, plummeting by 10 points compared to the same period in Donald Trump’s tenure. In a recent Pew Research poll, 22 percent of U.S. adults expressed a favorable opinion of the government, starkly contrasting the 32 percent who felt similarly during Trump’s third year.

Remember the Biden administration’s knack for turning simple tasks into bureaucratic nightmares. It’s almost like they took “drain the swamp” as a challenge to see how many forms they could create to confuse everyone. Maybe we wouldn’t see these abysmal approval ratings if they spent less time patting themselves on the back for “returning to normalcy” and more time fixing problems. Who needs efficient governance when you can have endless red tape and finger-pointing?

Now, let’s unpack this. During his time in the Oval Office, Trump was about shaking things up in Washington. He called the bureaucracy corrupt and inefficient, pledging to “drain the swamp.” And true to his word, he embarked on a mission to cut through red tape and rein in wasteful spending. However, Biden is taking a different approach, making it harder to fire civil servants and taking swipes at Trump’s efforts to streamline the government.

But here’s the kicker—Republicans aren’t buying what Biden is selling. Under Biden’s leadership, their favorability towards the federal government plummeted to 11 percent, a whopping 30-point drop from 2019. Conversely, Democrats seem more on board, with 26 percent giving the government a thumbs up under Trump compared to 32 percent under Biden.

What about the folks in the middle? The Pew poll didn’t examine independents’ views. Still, recent data from The Economist/YouGov suggests they’re not too thrilled with Biden either. And let’s remember the undecided voters, some of whom voted for Biden in 2020. When asked if they were better off under Trump, every single one of them raised their hand. That speaks volumes.

And it’s not just Republicans and independents starting to question Biden’s leadership. Minority voters, including Latinos and black Americans, traditionally seen as part of the Democratic base, are also having second thoughts. A New York Times/Siena College poll revealed a significant jump in support for Trump among black voters, from 4 percent in October 2020 to 23 percent in February 2024. That’s a seismic shift.

Even among Latino voters, Biden’s grip is slipping. In 2021, he enjoyed a comfortable lead with 55 percent favorability, compared to Trump’s 25 percent. Fast forward to now, Biden’s support among Hispanics has dwindled to 41 percent, while Trump is gaining ground at 32 percent.

And get this—when asked who they plan to vote for in the upcoming election, Latino voters are nearly split down the middle, with 31 percent backing Biden and 28 percent siding with Trump. That’s a razor-thin margin, folks. And considering the margin of error, Trump might be edging ahead.

So, what’s driving this shift? Well, people seem to be fed up with rising inflation, surging crime rates, and a lackluster approach to immigration. Trump resonates more with voters on these pressing issues, and Biden’s administration needs to have all the answers.

Now, you’d think the Biden camp would have something to say about these damning poll numbers, but so far, crickets. Maybe they must be more busy figuring out how to spin this one. But the truth is clear: Americans are losing faith in Biden’s ability to steer the ship, and if something changes fast, he could be in for a rough ride come election time.

And speaking of spinning things, you can almost hear the frantic whirring of spin doctors in the Biden camp, trying to devise excuses or distractions. It’s like they’re playing a game of political dodgeball, hoping no one notices the glaring issues at hand. Well, sorry, folks, but no amount of political acrobatics can hide that the ship is veering off course. Instead of polishing up catchy slogans, they should focus on tangible solutions. After all, actions speak louder than carefully crafted press releases.