Democrats Conditioning Americans To Give Up on Home Ownership

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As the liberals keep forcing the idea that we all should be living in publicly owned housing and pushing for companies who buy up properties to rent out, home ownership is becoming out of reach.

Homeownership is a long-standing bar for the metric of measuring financial success, but a recent surge in pricing due to Bidenflation now has people throwing in the towel. A report from Redfin based on Qualtrics research of 3,000 US residents has unveiled that a record half of people were spending a major chunk of their income on rent and utilities.

Simply, the article asked, “Do you believe that you will ever own your own home in the future?” and “Which of the following are reasons you aren’t likely to purchase a home in the near future?” The 27% comparison is from a Redfin survey conducted in May and June 2023.”

Shockingly, a “lack of affordability is the prevailing reason renters believe they’re unlikely to become homeowners. Nearly half (44%) of renters who don’t believe they’ll buy a home in the near future said it’s because available homes are too expensive. The next most common obstacles: Ability to save for a down payment (35%), ability to afford mortgage payments (33%), and high mortgage rates (32%). Roughly one in eight (14%) simply aren’t interested in owning a home.”

For many of us, we grew up hearing about estates, farms, houses, and retreats being left to family members. Often left to just one person, with some cash going to the others, it was a way to ensure the family legacy lived on. With many seniors now moving into assisted living and nursing homes, these homesteads are sold off to help fund the $5,000-$9,500 a month cost in their golden years.

Giving up on the American dream makes it even easier for the liberals to kill it. The only way we can change this is by choosing to refuse sale to an investment company, and only selling person to person.