Teen Barely Escapes Bullets for Parking in the Wrong Driveway

Bilanol / shutterstock.com
Bilanol / shutterstock.com

Occasionally, God likes to prove to us that he is looking out for people, especially the little guy as he makes his way through life. As NBC News reports, 18-year-old Caiden Wheeler is one of those people. Delivering on his usual route for a Tennessee Domino’s pizzeria, he mistakenly parked in the wrong driveway in Ashland City. Located about 25 miles northwest of Nashville, it’s a quiet and peaceful town.

According to the criminal complaint, “The victim stated that he thought he was parked in the right driveway, but when he got out to deliver the pizza, the next-door neighbor…flagged him down.” Cutting through the yard, Wheeler handed over the pie and climbed back inside his truck to head out. Pulling out of the driveway, Wheeler suddenly heard gunshots and saw someone rushing towards him, opening fire.

While backing out of the driveway and getting out of there, his truck was shot three times. Once on the driver’s side above the gas tank, once just above the driver’s side window, and a third time in the front driver’s side wheel and tire.

Later, 32-year-old Ryan Babcock was arrested. He told authorities he saw someone park in his driveway on his doorbell cam. Seeing what he believed to be someone running from his vehicle to the truck, he came outside and just started blasting.

Claiming he was aiming to stop the truck from getting away, he didn’t deny shooting at the truck multiple times. While responding, officers took a pistol and seven shell casings from the property and charged him with aggravated assault. With bail set at $50,000, he was quickly released. For Wheeler, this was a slap in the face as he was nearly killed. While his vehicle did not have Domino’s markings on it, he was wearing the uniform and carrying the bag.