Bad News for Biden: RFK Could Make the Ballot in All 50 States

lev radin /
lev radin /

Back in October, it looked as if Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign was completely doomed. His entire campaign field staff quit on the same day over his response to the Israel-Gaza conflict. Things have apparently turned around since then, and it now looks like RFK will qualify for the ballot in all 50 states. That’s bad news for Joe Biden.

According to the latest figures, Kennedy has already turned in twice as many signatures as needed to qualify for the ballot in Texas. Despite having a rookie campaign staff working for him, he’s managed to qualify for the ballot in four states. They’ve gathered enough signatures to qualify in nine states total and have petitions circulating in all 29 of the additional states.

Against all expectations, the lifelong Democrat is looking to qualify in all 50 states and Washington, DC, in time for the election. Since he’s running as an independent, he doesn’t have to comply with the Democrat Party’s deadlines to qualify as a candidate.

The more states where Kennedy can qualify, the more likely he will play a spoiler in the 2024 election, similar to Ross Perot’s run in 1992. RFK has chosen an avowed communist, Nicole Shanahan, as his running mate, so there’s very little chance that he’ll be drawing any votes away from President Trump.

Millions of Democrats, however, are disaffected and disappointed in what a disaster Joe Biden has been. While they hate Donald Trump and would never be able to bring themselves to vote for him, Kennedy offers them an alternative as a conscience vote.

RFK’s own family members believe this is the scenario that is most likely to play out. They think he’ll pull votes away from Joe Biden, which will lead to Donald Trump’s triumphant return to the White House.