NY DA Refuses To Stop for Cops Because She ‘Didn’t Feel Like Stopping’

Fedorovekb / shutterstock.com
Fedorovekb / shutterstock.com

Entitlement among elected Democratic officials has been at an all-time high since Joe Biden became President. Seemingly emboldened by his lack of resolve and refusal to enforce the letter of the law, they are now going off and doing anything they want. Footage from the Town of Webster shows NY District Attorney for Monroe County, Sandra Doorley, refusing to stop for police while speeding and eventually making excuse after excuse for herself.

Being lit up for going 55mph in a 35mph zone, Doorley kept driving. Calling Webster Chief of Police Dennis Kohlmeier while driving to her house, she pulled in and tried insisting the Chief tell the Officer to walk away and leave her alone. She refused to step out of her garage when told to do so, so the officer stepped inside instead. First claiming she didn’t see or hear him behind her, she later claimed she “didn’t feel like stopping on Phillips Road at 5:30.”

Astonishingly, she tried inferring she knew the law better than the officer because she was the DA and proceeded to show him her credentials. This, oddly enough, prompted the officer to ask her why she was so against him, especially since she knew his job as a DA. He asked her if he would rather that they just let her do whatever she wants; she suddenly insisted he give her the ticket before being reminded she could be arrested for what she has done.

Later apologizing on social media following the outcry over the footage, she claimed she mailed the ticket in because she suddenly thought her office didn’t warrant special treatment. While insisting she made no excuse for her actions, her statement is rife with excuses and poor attempts at justification. The only bit of humility is when she claims she is farming the work out on her case and that she would send one of her lower-level DAs to retain for actions like this. As such, she will be putting herself through the course.

No loss of job or suspension without pay, just another corrupt liberal DA she handpicked overlooking her case and giving her a sweetheart deal. “Laws for thee and none for me” prevails in NY once again, just the way the Democrats and Mario Cuomo designed it.