Turns Out Biden Made Housing Unaffordable for Half of Americans

gopixa / shutterstock.com
gopixa / shutterstock.com

A new piece from NPR featured a recent report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University about a horrific situation plaguing the US. In their report, they discovered that in 2022 half of Americans were spending 30% or more on their rent and utilities. Nearly half of those were spending over 50% of their income there.

The biggest jumps were felt by those in the $30k-$74.9k bracket. Even working full-time, a third of renters in that bracket were heavily burdened by the cost. For many, this is only the beginning of the problems with affording housing. As Breitbart reported in July, “Since January 2021, President Joe Biden has admitted roughly eight million migrants into the United States, about one migrant for every American birth during the same period.”

Struggling for housing is compounded only further when so many Americans are unable to afford their basic food budget. In September, the Department of Labor highlighted just how bad food prices had become as prices rose for a second consecutive month. With both skyrocketing and limited drops since Biden took office, it’s becoming even more difficult for people to keep pushing forward.

One of the biggest complicating factors has been the acquisition of properties. By large corporations and investment firms. Buying up properties at over-inflated prices, they set the market on fire, and are outpricing people from buying a home. In turn, this gradually increases the prices in more “depressed” areas as people relocate from more affluent areas with remote work since COVID.

All of this is coming as a direct result of Biden’s policies, and his poor decisions on filling his cabinet. Now that we have a chance to get him out, we can reclaim our economy, and help people afford a home without a government handout.