Analysis: UK UFO Debris from 1983 Contained ‘Hybrid Tech That Didn’t Exist’

Shivam Singla471 /
Shivam Singla471 /

Most Americans haven’t even heard of the “UK Roswell event” that took place in Great Britain back in 1983. Some metal parts fell off of a low-flying, unidentified craft that hit some trees. Those parts were recovered from a nearby field and have been privately held since then. New metallurgical analysis suggests that whatever that craft was, it was built from hybrid metals that didn’t exist back in 1983.

The UK Roswell event happened in January 1983 near the Welsh village of Llanilar. The craft—let’s just call it a UFO for lack of a better term—hit some trees in the middle of the night but then flew away safely. The next morning, farmers searched for signs of what they figured would be a downed aircraft.

Instead, they found half a dozen pieces of metal and foil that seemed to have come loose from the UFO when it hit the trees. Those pieces of detritus have now been newly analyzed in America and Australia to determine what they were made of.

The Australian researchers determined that the piece of debris they analyzed was duralumin, a type of aluminum foam. The Americans’ analysis came back and the piece of metal they examined was determined to be a very expensive-to-produce hybrid form of lanthanum.

Aluminum foam and hybrid lanthanum had not been developed by the late 1970s and were not in circulation in 1983, as far as anyone knows. That could mean that the unidentified flying object was a top-secret military aircraft made with these “unknown” materials at the time, or it could mean it was something else entirely. This discovery has sparked a new debate among Ufologists over just what hit the trees near Llanilar back in 1983.