Beto Begs Biden to Send Troops to Rein in Texas

Juli Hansen /
Juli Hansen /

If you haven’t heard, Texas and the Biden administration have been at odds for some time now all over Biden’s refusal to secure our southern border and stop the invasion of illegals that has continued to make its way into communities all over the US. And now, one shameless Democrat is suggesting Biden send troops to the Lone Star State to rein them in.

Enter Robert “Beto” O’Rourke.

You may remember his name as a former Texas Representative. You may also remember that he ran for Texas senator in 2018, for president in 2020, and Texas governor in 2022. He’s failed at all attempts.

And yet, he still thinks he has enough of a voice to suggest that Biden reigns down destruction and force on his home state for simply trying to protect itself.

You might have heard that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared a state of invasion, sending his national guard to the border and putting up a number of barriers to deter illegals from illegally entering the state.

One such barrier is concertina or razor wire along stretches of the Rio Grande. Biden’s administration doesn’t like this, of course. So his Border Patrol agents have been cutting and removing the wire, along with actually helping illegals over the fencing safely.

Texas took the matter to court. And while it’s still in process, the Supreme Court did just rule that BP can continue to cut the wire until the case is actually closed.

Naturally, Texas, the state of “molon labe” or “come and take it,” isn’t giving in. They are continuing to put up fencing despite the ruling.

So we get this from Beto:

In case you were wondering, these are two drastically different situations.

Yet, Beto just recommended extreme force be used against his own state to bring it into compliance…

Thank God this man doesn’t have a real voice in national politics anymore.