Trump and Clinton Show in Epstein Docs, but for Very Different Reasons

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As the long-anticipated Epstein documents begin to be released, everyone is making note of who is mentioned and why. And while it’s been pointed out that both former presidents, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, were mentioned more than once, they were for very different reasons.

Another set of documents was released on Wednesday, offering up a slew of names and relationships of people who connected with the late sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein. These included papers from a 2015 lawsuit against Epstein in which one of his former victims, Virginia Giuffre, claimed he had done her wrong.

Along with other victims’ names, Epstein’s associates are also mentioned. And yes, both Trump and Clinton are assumed to be the latter.

However, it’s clear by the sheer number of times each man is mentioned that one was a mere connection or acquaintance for Epstein. The other, on the other hand, was a friend who spent a lot of time with him.

Of course, Clinton was the friend. A search for his name throughout the documents results in 73 entries of that president’s name.

In one instance, another victim, Johanna Sjoberg, testified that Epstein told her that Clinton “likes them young, referring to girls” over women for sexual partners.

In another, it is mentioned that Clinton was given “massages” from at least one or several of Epstein’s other victims. And of this there is a 2002 photo to prove it.

In contrast, Trump’s name only comes up a measly four times. And it’s only because Epstein’s plane, known as “Lolita Express,” was making a flight through the area where Trump’s casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, was located. Epstein apparently told the other passengers that he would call Trump up and “go to the casino.”

While the documents say that this is what happened, and they supposedly used Trump’s VIP connections within the casino, this was the only reason he was mentioned at all.

So yeah, he might have known Epstein, and that doesn’t look good, to be sure. But it’s also clear that he’s nowhere near the Epstein pal that Bill Clinton was.