Defund Police Advocate Requests Enhanced Police Protection 

AndriiKoval /
AndriiKoval /

Texas Democrat Rep. Greg Casar faced accusations of hypocrisy when, after years of advocating for defunding the Austin Police Department, he requested enhanced police protection for his neighborhood.  

After all, it was just last week that he accused the department of racism and discrimination against people with mental health problems. 

In 2020, during the Black Lives Matter protests, Casar emerged as a leading voice advocating defunding the police force. His push for substantial funding cuts while serving on the City Council stirred controversy, prompting resignations and retirements within the department. 

In April, Austin police fatally shot Mike Ramos, an unarmed Black and Hispanic man, sparking protests against police brutality that echoed the nationwide outcry following the death of George Floyd. Amid these protests, two demonstrators were critically injured by “less-lethal” rounds fired by the police. 

Following these incidents, the council made a unanimous decision to curtail officers’ use of force, imposing restrictions on the use of deadly force and prohibiting the use of “less lethal” munitions during protests. 

But for Cesar, it wasn’t enough to merely cripple the police force. The department had to be defunded. 

Under Cesar’s guidance, the Austin City Council unanimously voted to cut the police department budget by $150 million.  

Cesar’s proposals reduced $20 million of the police budget by cutting off funding for three planned police cadet classes. The reallocated funds were directed toward areas such as violence prevention, food access, and abortion access programs.  

Another $80 million of the budget cuts involved redistributing civilian functions to other departments, including victim services, support services, and forensic sciences. Approximately $50 million was slated for a “Reimagine Safety Fund,” intended to redirect money to “alternative forms of public safety.” 

Cesar also directed the elimination of 150 vacancies in the department so the city could begin 2021 “without any unfilled sworn positions.” 

After overseeing the extreme 2021 budget cuts to the Austin Police Department, Cesar posted his victory on X. In the tweet, he praised the Austin City Council for redirecting resources to “community safety and well-being.” 

At the time, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton criticized the Austin City Council’s decision to cut the police department budget, labeling it a “political haymaker” influenced by cancel culture. Paxton expressed concern that the budget cuts neglected the safety of Austin’s residents and endangered the city’s law enforcement officers.  

Governor Greg Abbott expressed dismay over the council’s actions, saying it prioritized political agendas over public safety. He echoed Paxton’s sentiments that the decision endangered the Austin Police Department and their families and accused the council of abandoning its responsibility for public safety. 

But Cesar won his victory and continued his onslaught of the Austin Police Department. Last week, he sent a letter to the Justice Department highlighting his department’s perceived racism and discrimination.  

It’s only natural that the Austin Police Department had a field day with Cesar’s request for additional police protection. Former Austin police officer Dennis Farris, representing the Austin Police Retired Officers Association, acknowledged the department’s obligation if enough officers were available and there was a legitimate threat. 

But Farris pointed out the hypocrisy of Cesar’s request, saying, “” We hate the cops, we hate the cops, we hate the cops. Oh, please, come help us now.’ He [Cesar] is the architect. He is the architect of defunding the cops in Austin. He started this whole mess.” 

The Austin Police Retired Officers Association posted on X, saying Cesar was hypocritical for seeking extra police patrols around his house after supporting defunding the police and criticizing their “racist and discriminatory” practices. They questioned why he was okay with police in his neighborhood but not in others and suggested he hire private security like some of his peers. 

Casar’s office didn’t disclose the threat requiring additional security measures for the congressman. Austin police acknowledged receiving the request but stated they followed standard protocol in reviewing it, as with all requests. 

It’s a typical day for liberals who want to remove guns from private citizens while hiding behind their armed security forces or an America-hating athlete who suddenly finds patriotism in a Russian prison. The elite believe they are above the consequences of their decisions, and it’s hypocrisy at its finest when they realize that their choices can also impact them.