Protest Breaks Out at Clemson University After Tampons Removed from Men’s Bathrooms

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The general public is largely starting to move past “wokeness.” If you doubt this, just ask Bud Light how they’re feeling these days. Most people realize that wokeness as an ideology is vicious, dumb, and about as pointless and unproductive as wearing a mask to try to protect yourself against COVID. But wokeness is still alive and well on college campuses across the country! A protest broke out at Clemson University (Annual tuition: $37,982) after a campus conservative group successfully got the school to remove tampons from the men’s restrooms.

The Clemson College Republicans club discovered that brand-new tampons were in the men’s rooms at the school’s library and posted this on Twitter/X:

The president of Clemson University was shocked to find out the dispensers had been installed in the men’s rooms. No such thing was ever authorized by the administration at the college, and the president made that clear when ordering the dispensers taken down. Someone in the rainbow mafia must have paid for the dispensers out of their own pocket and installed them without permission.

The campus LGBTQ club, Take Back Pride, sprang into action to protest the removal of the unauthorized tampon dispensers from the men’s room. They have a whole list of demands. They want the unauthorized tampon dispensers reinstalled immediately. They also want the Clemson College Republicans to be publicly reprimanded and kicked off campus for complaining about the tampons that men have no use for whatsoever. (Well, maybe they could use them to stop a nosebleed in a pinch. But it would still look silly.)

“Queer people on this campus are not just going to magically disappear,” said student organizer Pan Tankersly. Uh… was that an option? All of the protesters, by the way, were young women.

“Instead of working against us, like taking away menstrual products from the men’s bathrooms, making people feel unwelcomed, there should be support for the community that is already fighting to feel safe here,” continued Tankersly. “If anything, the university needs to step up and needs to protect its students.”

Yeah… because it’s… so dangerous for queer students at the noted hate institute of Clemson University.

Some of the protest signs were pretty hilarious. One of the ladies protesting the removal of tampons from the men’s bathroom held a sign that read, “Hello. It’s the 21st century.”

Right on, girl! Don’t all those stupid people realize that men have periods in the 21st century? Way to change hearts, minds, and biology!

“We have simply stood up for biological reality,” said Trevor Tiedeman, the chairman of the Clemson College Republicans. “They reject what we believe, and so they want to get us removed from campus.”

Tiedeman also says that the campus employees who installed the unauthorized dispensers should all be fired. Clemson University President James Clements doesn’t look like he’s going to be willing to oblige Take Back Pride’s demands. A spokesperson for his office says the dispensers are not going to be reinstalled.

Do you think any of these woke protesters are ever going to look back and feel embarrassed about their antics during this current clown stage of American history? They’re fighting to get tampon dispensers installed in the men’s bathrooms? That’s the hill they want to die on?

Unfortunately for these woke social justice warriors, the world has plenty of real problems that it needs to be focusing on right now. Between runaway inflation, our wide-open southern border, and Joe Biden starting World War III, people don’t really have time or patience to deal with these narcissistic weirdoes. Men can’t menstruate. Period!