Trump’s New York Judge is a Biden Donor, and He Still Won’t Recuse Himself

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

The term “kangaroo court” doesn’t even begin to describe what President Donald Trump is going through right now. It’s as if the Biden regime has decided that they’re going to show all the banana republics of the world how it’s really done. In the latest development, the judge presiding over the New York case against the former and future president is refusing to recuse himself, even after it was revealed that he is a Joe Biden donor.

Trump’s legal team put forward reasonable arguments that Merchan is incapable of being an impartial judge in the fake Stormy Daniels case because Merchan made political donations to Joe Biden for President, the Progressive Turnout Project, and the Stop Republicans PAC in 2020. Merchan rejected all those arguments in an opinion that he issued himself, which was made public on Monday.

How is that even a thing? Shouldn’t there at least be some oversight body that decides whether Merchan should recuse himself? Why is he the one who gets to decide?

Making it even more of an embarrassment to kangaroo courts is the fact that Merchan isn’t even an American. He’s an immigrant from Colombia. We can’t get an American judge to hear this patently stupid case against an American president.

Judge Merchan’s daughter campaigned for Kamala Harris’s doomed 2020 presidential campaign as well. Today she works for a marketing firm that campaigns for Democrat Party candidates.

None of these facts, which show an obvious anti-Trump bias on the part of Merchan, are being voiced by anyone with the power to stop this. The trial on the fake 34 business expense charges that prosecutor Alvin Bragg brought against President Trump is scheduled to take place in the middle of the Republican primaries in March of next year. In case anyone doubts that this is all election interference.