Biden’s Tweet Shows He Has No Clue About Job Creation

Gints Ivuskans /
Gints Ivuskans /

Joe Biden is constantly tweeting to give him pats on the shoulder. He’s desperately trying to prove to Americans that he’s doing a good job as President. There’s just one problem: he’s not.

Biden’s approval rating is sinking, and that’s because he may be the worst president in modern history. And when the Democrats like to say that Trump was a liar on social media, Biden is getting fact-checked just as often.

Check out Biden’s latest brag on X (formerly Twitter) to talk about the jobs created as a result of Bidenomics:

If you look at how he compares himself to Reagan, George Bush, George W Bush, and Trump, he’s the clear leader. And yes, he conveniently left out all of the Democratic presidents from his clever little chart.

What Biden shared is not actually the truth, which is why X had to add some context, courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

There were COVID-19-mandated layoffs that have to be factored into all of the numbers – something that Biden’s team left off so that the numbers for their frail little man would look better.

As the context added to Biden’s tweet explains, “It’s more accurate to say 9.402M jobs have been recovered and 3.971M created.”

With that little factoid added into the equation, it would actually mean that Trump would be the leader. It’s no wonder they chose to change up the context.

This is just proof that we cannot trust anything that Biden shares on social media. He spins everything so that he comes out on top rather than being honest with us. As for what Bidenomics really looks like in action, we simply have to look at what groceries are costing us or how far our paychecks are getting us these days.