Majority of Americans Support President Trump’s 10-Percent Tariff Plan

Robert Kneschke /
Robert Kneschke /

This information will be a slap to the face of the Biden campaign and nearly every elected member of the US Congress. A clear majority of likely American voters say they support President Donald Trump’s proposal to impose a 10% tariff on all goods imported into the US. The intent of the tariffs is to end US reliance on foreign goods that are critical to the United States, especially things like electronic chips, prescription medicines, ammunition, and steel. The American people clearly support that idea, and it is one more reason why the establishment hates Donald Trump so much.

The poll of likely voters was conducted by JL Partners/ It found that 54% of Americans support Trump’s 10% tariff plan, while just 17% are opposed to it. Trump first brought up the idea of a 10% tariff on all imports during a Fox Business interview last year.

“When companies come in and they dump their products in the United States, they should pay, automatically, let’s say a 10 percent tax,” Trump said. “I do like the 10 percent for everybody.”

The same professional economists who have been wrong about everything since the 2008 financial meltdown are now having hissy fits about this idea. A group called the Tax Foundation is claiming that if a 10% tariff is imposed on all imports, it will cause taxes on Americans to increase by $300 billion every year. Other groups claim that Trump’s tariffs would cost Americans up to 250,000 jobs per year.

Do these people even listen to themselves? They were making the exact same stupid arguments in 2019 when President Trump imposed 15% tariffs on Chinese steel and other goods.

How did that work out? Did your taxes go up or down when Trump was in office? Was the US economy struggling under Donald Trump as companies suddenly found it more profitable to move their operations back to America and hire Americans? Did you suffer from having more money in your pocket when Trump was in charge compared to today?

The argument that imposing tariffs on foreign goods would raise taxes on American consumers is so stupid that it’s laughable. It doesn’t even make sense. Congress sets the tax rates, not Chinese steel manufacturers or German automakers. Plus, if every foreign country has to pay a 10% tariff—a tax—on goods it wants to sell to American consumers, that’s fair across the board. It doesn’t penalize one country while rewarding another. It’s like the idea for a flat tax, which many Americans support, only it would apply to foreign companies.

There are two dirty little secrets about tariffs that the establishment doesn’t want you to know. First, tariffs and trade protectionism were the default policies of every Republican president in America, from Abraham Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt. There was nothing controversial about the idea that trade deals should benefit American workers and consumers if they were going to be struck at all.

Second, tariffs are the way the federal government is supposed to be funded under the US Constitution. The income tax on individual workers was not added as an amendment until the 20th century when the idea of a central bank with a monopoly on currency (a central tenet of global communism) suddenly took Western nations by storm. The progressive income tax is an idea from communism. It’s literally in “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx! Tariffs are constitutional.

The scales have fallen from the eyes of many American workers when it comes to the scam of “free” trade and globalism. Donald Trump has simplified these complex ideas so that even a layman can understand them and realize how American workers benefit from tariffs. And a majority of the voters like the idea of a flat tariff on all imported goods.