Scientists Are Battling the Global Warming Narrative With Cold Hard Facts 

Vadim Sadovski /
Vadim Sadovski /

Some scientists, long resistant to the concept of manmade climate change, are now coming together to highlight the flaws in the global warming narrative, with some interesting results. 

The Biden administration relies on its recent National Climate Assessment report to support the claim that global warming is intensifying due to human activities. According to the report, human-generated emissions of “greenhouse gases,” including carbon dioxide, significantly contribute to the Earth’s dangerous warming trend. 

But scientists are throwing cold water on the heated debate by revealing serious issues with these reports, including potential corruption.  

Just how corrupted? According to scientists, when data corruption is considered, the alleged “climate crisis” supposedly caused by human activities disappears completely. 

Numerous peer-reviewed studies have shed light on various flaws within the global temperature data used to conclude that climate change is manmade. One major issue lies in the geographical and historical collection of data. Many of these data collection stations were once rural and are now surrounded by an urban environment. 

Additionally, experts warn that temperature records often suffer from contamination by heat originating from the urban areas themselves, skewing measurements and making it challenging to isolate natural temperature trends. Moreover, data “homogenization” adjusts temperature records for inconsistencies resulting from measurement methods, station locations, and equipment changes. Critics say that this process results in biases and errors, casting further doubt on the reliability of the temperature data and the reality of manmade climate change. 

Experts are now pointing to natural climate variability as the source of climate change and even more pointedly say that current conclusions result from “deliberate fraud.” 

Astrophysicist and CERES founder Willie Soon cautions that data shows that it has warmed since the 1970s but that this followed a cooling period from the 1940s. Additionally, he observes that when comparing temperature data to that of the 19th century, it appears that the world has experienced significant warming. However, in historical context, the 19th century was an exceptionally cold period, often called a mini-ice age. In this light, the temperatures now experienced in the 21st century might be considered normal, and the higher levels of CO2 could even be seen as beneficial for plant regeneration and agriculture. 

Attempts to paint climate change in any way other than a natural process are part of a broader scheme to profit from a naturally occurring phenomenon. Soon cautions, “Climate activism has become the new religion of the 21st century, and heretics are not welcome and not allowed to ask questions.” 

Like any other cult, climate change’s success involves threats, rules, and outright lies to ensure compliance from its followers. But now, the very science liberals ask Americans to follow might uncover something they never expected: proof that climate changes have happened since the beginning of time.