FDNY Brass Upset Rank and File Don’t Want To Hear From NY AG

Steve Sanchez Photos / shutterstock.com
Steve Sanchez Photos / shutterstock.com

A memo distributed to firehouses across NYC warns NY’s bravest that the top brass will be headhunting for FDNY firefighters for speaking out. Their outbursts during an unnecessary appearance from NY Attorney General Letitia James left officials claiming their conduct was “grossly inappropriate.” They cautioned the rank and file to keep their politics in their homes.

“When you’re not on duty, feel however you want about politicians. Vote. Protest. That’s your right. But don’t do it on the job’s time, on other members’ time, or on their families’ time. Do it on your own time.” The memo also went on to claim firefighters “should understand that BITS is gathering video and identifying members that brought discredit … to the department. We want the members to come forward. They will come to HQ to be educated [on] why their behavior is unacceptable.”

James walked into the event, which was held in the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, and found a packed house. With families of Captains, Battalion Chiefs, and civilians up for promotion there to watch their loved ones be promoted, James walked on to the sounds of boos. Playing back and telling people that they need to behave in a “house of God,” James found herself drowned out at times by pro-Trump chants.

Thankfully, the Uniformed Fire Officers Association, which represents lieutenants, firefighters, and other ranking members, spoke out in response. Urging members to be respectful and professional in response to anything that might come from the incident, they reminded members that the UFOA has their back in all situations. Pointing out that any allegations of investigation should result in members pausing the inquiry and demanding representation.

What top brass with the FDNY and other NY leaders forget is that Trump was a New Yorker’s businessman. He treated people in public service workers, like teachers, garbagemen, cops, and firefighters, like the heroes they are. His companies worked heavily with them, and he ensured they were always well taken care of. So when James won her $454 million civil fraud case against Trump despite no crime occurring those who love him are going to be upset.

If James wants the respect of NY’s bravest, she can start by going after the people who attack police officers and firefighters.