Biden Loses to an Unknown Challenger

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By now, we all know incumbent Joe Biden isn’t doing too well in the polls against likely general election competitor Donald Trump. But as far as primaries go, there’s no real competition, right?

Wrong, or at least that’s what Super Tuesday’s results show.

In fact, Biden actually just experienced his first primary loss. And it was to a really unknown name.

Enter Jason Palmer.

I told you he was unknown… Like most of you, I had never heard the name before the results of Tuesday’s primaries. And for the most part, you won’t likely hear much about him in the future.

However, he did manage to beat Biden in the polls for American Samoa.

I know it’s not a state and, therefore, doesn’t get Electoral College votes. However, it does send six delegates to the Democratic convention. Four of those delegates now go to Jason Palmer instead of Biden, who received the remaining two.

Now, to be clear, Biden has never had strong support from American Samoa. He only received single-digit support from the island territory in 2020, when Michael Bloomberg won that year.

Additionally, Palmer has only qualified to have his name on the ballot in 16 states and territories. So, the likelihood of him doing any more damage to Biden is slim to none.

However, the loss should be noted.

I mean, this is a guy who became the first candidate ever “to release a talking AI-powered version of himself,” according to his March 1 media release.

And yet, he still somehow pulled off a win against the guy who supposedly won the hearts and minds of the nation just three years ago and has been one of the greatest presidents ever, if you believe the political left.

How is that possible?

Well, perhaps it’s because Biden is truly just that unpopular. It might be quite as bad as losing to “uncommitted” voters in Michigan. But it’s not a good thing to be sure. In some ways, it might even be a bit more embarrassing.

Needless to say, this is the last thing Biden needed.