Told You So: White House Source Confirms Joe Biden Punches and Kicks His Dogs

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Eky Studio /

A source inside the White House has confirmed to Judicial Watch that Joe Biden viciously abuses his dogs. That explains the dangerous and erratic behavior of Commander and Major, the two German shepherd pets that Joe and Jill Biden brought to the White House with them. Both vicious animals have had to be re-homed and are no longer at the White House. The dogs were finally sent away after dozens of attacks on Secret Service agents and other employees, some of which resulted in hospitalizations.

Many of us have speculated for some time that the reason behind all the dog attacks at the White House is because the animals are being abused. This is the first time we have had confirmation that this is exactly what was happening. Lovable furballs like German shepherds don’t just decide to start rending human flesh from bones at random without being conditioned through months or years of abuse.

The source confirmed to Judicial Watch that Joe Biden routinely kicked and punched both of the family dogs. Not recently, of course. Joe Biden is so frail and decrepit these days that he can’t walk across a room without desperately clutching the arm of one of his handlers. But before Biden lost all of his faculties and faded into the skeletal husk that he is today, the White House source says he punched and kicked the dogs like a psychopath.

The Biden White House has been trying to cover the dog attacks up for years. Between Joe Biden’s vicious dog-beating habit and Jill Biden’s laissez-faire attitude toward the hospitalizations of staffers, the couple has created the most hostile workplace that White House employees have ever seen.

Judicial Watch initially tried to obtain information about all the dog attacks inside the White House through a simple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Secret Service. They asked for all Secret Service communications related to “Biden family dog, ‘Commander,’ including but not limited to communications sent to and from [Secret Service] officials in the Uniformed and Non-Uniformed Divisions involved in White House operations and the Presidential Protection Division.”

The Secret Service violated the law by refusing that simple and legal request. Judicial Watch was forced to sue the Secret Service and won. The Secret Service was finally forced to turn over all the communications related to the dog in February.

With the release of those documents, we finally know that the dog bites that have taken place around the Bidens were not minor, isolated incidents. The documents detail dozens of vicious attacks in which blood was drawn from Secret Service agents and other employees.

In one of the worst incidents recorded, Commander charged across the Kennedy Garden and took an unaware Secret Service agent to the ground. The animal ripped the poor agent’s arm to shreds. The agent required stitches and hospitalization. The wound was so bad that the White House had to suspend tours to the East Wing that afternoon to mop up all the blood and gore from the floor.

Secret Service agents have also been bitten by the abused dogs at the Oval Dining Patio, at Camp David, and at the Bidens’ palatial mansions that they purchased with bribe money from China and Ukraine. The fact that the White House and the Secret Service have tried to cover up this scandal speaks volumes.

Judicial Watch said in a statement, “The Bidens are lucky no one has been killed as a result of their reckless disregard for the safety of Secret Service and White House employees.”