Democrats Planning Their Own January 6 If Trump Wins 

Johnny Silvercloud /
Johnny Silvercloud /

Shortly after 1 p.m. on January 6, 2021, protestors began entering the Capitol building. Most were excited to see inside the building, believing the day’s protest had become an unofficial tourist opportunity. Some were focused on why they were there – delaying the certification of the 2020 election results.  

Over the next two hours, protestors stopped the certification process and were whipped into a frenzy. In the end, more than 1200 protestors were arrested, and the certification vote resumed. The investigations continue even three years later, and the Democrat party insists that those two hours were the most catastrophic event in United States history. Even September 11, 2001, pales in comparison to the incident, according to the media and political pundits on the left. 

But the incident empowered Democrats. The realization that they could refuse to acknowledge a Donald Trump victory looms before them, and there are whispers that they could have a January 6 of their own. 

Until some legal scholars dusted off a little-remembered clause in the Constitution regarding “insurrectionists,” most people had never heard of the 14th Amendment. The Supreme Court of the United States is now considering its relevancy, with the court decision affecting the states that decided independently to serve their brand of justice and remove Trump’s name from primary ballots. 

But desperate Democrats believe they can use the 14th Amendment to take out their biggest threat, Donald Trump, if he emerges victorious in 2024. Democrats may block the vote certification on January 6, 2025, to keep Trump from the White House. 

After an election, local officials count all the votes to ensure they match the number of ballots cast. Once the local elections office has finished, they send the results to a certification board. The certification board’s job is to confirm that the election count is correct and complete.  

According to federal law, each state must send its certified results to the vice president. Then, Congress has to meet and officially declare the winners of the presidential election by counting the electoral votes, as required by the 12th Amendment. The certificates of election from all 50 states need Congress’s approval, and Congress has the final say in deciding which candidate wins each state.  

After January 6, 2021, Congress changed the Electoral Count Act significantly, clarifying the vice-president’s role as ceremonial and making it harder for candidates who lost the presidential election to challenge the certification process and cause disruptions. 

However, several House Democrats have indicated their unwillingness to certify a 2024 presidential election victory for Donald Trump. Their stance is based on the 14th Amendment, which they argue renders Trump ineligible for office due to his alleged involvement in the insurrection. Notably, Representatives Adam Schiff (CA), Eric Swalwell (CA), Hakeem Jefferies, James Clyburn (SC), and Jamie Raskin (MD) have explicitly declined to commit to confirming Trump’s presidency should he emerge victorious in the 2024 election. 

This becomes an even greater possibility if Democrats regain the House in 2025. This would give them the votes to object to Trump’s win. A simple majority is required to object, and it’s a blanket vote that doesn’t recognize states’ decisions as the deciding factor. In other words, Democrats will not be bound by their states’ constituents’ votes in this case. 

Many senators would also need to raise objections, with at least 51 voting to reject a Trump victory. This is a challenge for Democrats, who must hold onto every seat they have or secure a Republican-held seat to pass the vote. 

It seems that Democrats aren’t done with their persecution of Trump and are setting a final plan in motion to thwart a MAGA victory. The entire strategy hinges on the outcome of the SCOTUS case debating the relevancy of a post-Civil War 14th Amendment to current events in the United States. 

Many Americans have seen how Democrats define a “peaceful protest,” which often turns violent and destructive. In Washington, D.C., Democrats nearly burned several areas in the city to the ground after Trump won in 2016. For Democrats in Congress to suggest that they might object to election results encourages unhinged leftists to take matters into their own hands in 2025. 

It’s liberal hypocrisy on full display. Democrats, who have made a career of accusing Trump of inciting an “insurrection” on January 6, 2021, might be unofficially planning one of their own in 2025. The Biden administration has shown no respect for SCOTUS decisions, so it’s unclear if a ruling in Trump’s favor over ballot exclusion would even give them pause. 

While the hope remains that there will be a peaceful exchange of power, Trump Derangement Syndrome rages on and casts the possibility into doubt. History shows that if Democrat “peaceful protestors” take over the Capitol, nothing will be left standing.