Political Scholars Release Nonsensical Presidential Rankings

Jirsak / shutterstock.com
Jirsak / shutterstock.com

As you can imagine, somewhere lies a list of US presidents, ranking least to greatest. Well, the most recent list has officially been compiled and released. And you won’t believe how utterly ridiculous it is…

The list, as of the 2024 Presidential Greatness Project Expert Survey, was put together by 154 of the nation’s so-called “social science experts in presidential politics” and “scholars.” Basically, these individuals are supposed to be the nation’s foremost experts on US history as they relate to US presidents and their accomplishments.

And yet, these “experts” seem to have disregarded most of the accomplishments of most presidents in favor of overall likeability. To be clear, that’s not whether or not the American people liked them as president, but whether the scholars liked them.

Need an example?

Let’s consider Ronald Reagan, for starters.

While you might not have been alive during his presidency, most US history classes still teach that he is among the most popular presidents of all time. Not only did he win the 1980 election with more votes than any other president in history (or since), he won the following election with even more, a whopping 525 to 13 landslide.

He also restored the nation’s chaotic economy and brought in an age of peace.

And yet, these experts rank him two below Joe Biden on their greatness list, at 16. Now, I know, 16th place isn’t too bad.

But then we go up a few names and notice that Barack Obama is ranked 7th.

Obama, a man who bombed pretty much every nation he could and had Americans executed without a trial, ranks in 7th place. This is three spots above the likes of John F. Kennedy and four ahead of James Madison, a wildly popular founding father.

Naturally, the ranking for Donald Trump comes in dead last.

And no, I am not kidding. Trump is rated as the 45th greatest president, below the likes of James Buchanan, who joined with pro-slavery radicals and ruled over the dissolution of the Union. Trump is also below Andrew Johnson, who left freed slaves to the mercy of their former masters during the Reconstruction.

So, is this really a list of the nation’s greatest presidents? No, I don’t think so.

Instead, this is a list of who the liberal elites think is the greatest, which is vastly different from what just about any other normal American believes or thinks.