US Truckers Halt Shipments to NYC to Protest Trump’s Business Ban

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Several truck drivers have declared their intentions to boycott deliveries to New York City in response to the business ban and the recent $355 million fine imposed on former President Donald Trump for fraud.

Chicago1Ray, a trucker and conservative social media personality, shared in a video that he has been in discussions with fellow drivers, approximately ten of whom have decided to stop accepting deliveries to New York City starting Monday in protest against the Manhattan Supreme Court’s decision.

“Such an honor to have so many Great Patriots on the side of FREEDOM!” Trump expressed this on his Truth Social platform, applauding the truckers’ movement on Saturday night. He criticized what he terms as “Joe Biden’s Unfair and Dangerous Weaponization of Law Enforcement,” labeling it a direct threat to Democracy and rallying with his signature call, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

In the video, Chicago1Ray, speaking from his truck, relayed conversations with drivers who work alongside him, some of whom have already informed their employers of their refusal to head to the Big Apple. The movement is gaining traction, although the full scope and number of participants nationwide remain unclear. “I don’t know how far across the country this is, or how many truckers are gonna start denying loads going to New York City,” Chicago1Ray, then goes on to say that he is tired of the left messing with Trump.

The trucker protest has sparked a conversation on social media, with many users expressing support for the drivers’ cause. In his message, Chicago1Ray highlighted the logistical challenges of navigating New York City with a large truck, using colorful language to underscore his frustration and the task’s difficulty.

In his social media post, which has garnered significant attention with over 4.6 million views and 50,000 likes, Chicago1Ray claimed that most truckers, 95%, support Trump. The decision by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron not only involves a hefty fine for Trump but also prohibits him from serving as an officer or director of any New York-based company for three years.

The ruling undermines Trump’s potential to make money. It requires him to either hand over the reins of his business (as the Trump Organization is headquartered in New York) or move it to another state, like Florida. Moving it to another state may be in Trump’s best interest, considering that the judge’s ruling ordered that the company operate under the close eye of two overseers, a monitor and an independent director of compliance, to ensure compliance with financial reporting obligations.

Trump and his supporters have criticized the ruling. In response to the verdict, Trump wrote on Truth Social, his social network site, that the penalty amount was “outrageous” and was “based on nothing other than having built a GREAT COMPANY.” Clifford S. Robert, an attorney for the two elder Trump sons, called the decision “gross injustice” and said he was confident it would be overturned on appeal Chicago1Ray, who is organizing the Truckers, called it an act of “election interference” by political adversaries.

Trump has also suggested that the ruling could lead to broader repercussions for New York City, predicting that other businesses might follow suit and leave the city in response to the judgment.

Another trucker pointed out on XĀ  that liberals laugh at the thought of a trucker boycott of NYC. A few years ago, a trucker boycott brought the state of Colorado to its knees. The trucker also pointed out that MAGA patriots make this country run. Liberals make our coffee.

Another commenter reported that some shipping companies are joining the protest in solidarity with truckers, discussing not delivering to NYC.

Truck drivers transport between 70% to 73% of all freight in the United States. Therefore, when truckers begin discussing plans on social media to boycott loads to progressive hellhole New York City, it’s important to pay attention.

While Chicago1Ray did take his original video down because it went viral and even made its way over to TikTok, he did post another video that explains that no one got to him, and that he is who he is.

Check it out: