China Gets Space Coms In Place Over Western US

Vadim Sadovski /
Vadim Sadovski /

On December 14th, China’s top-secret spaceplane, dubbed Shenlong, left on its third mission. A launch from the Gobi Desert, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) media outlet Xinhua reported it was a complete success. Listed as being done to re-verify reusable spaceplane technologies and carry out scientific experiments, in their eyes, the entire project is nothing but simple, harmless science.

Yet, according to amateur astronomer and satellite tracker Scott Tilley who tracked the craft since it launched, the three unknown objects released by the spacecraft have been emitting a wide variety of signals. Listed as OBJECT A-F by the US Department of Defense, the US Space Force has been assigned to track and monitor them.

Speaking with, Tilley said, “OBJECT A’s or nearby emission is reminiscent of earlier Chinese space plane ‘wingman’ emissions in the sense the signal is modulated with a limited amount of data.” He also has found evidence that OBJECTs D and E are not transmitting useful signals but rather simply ones to keep the lines of communication open and ensure they can measure the waves.

OBJECT B is simply the spaceship that launched everything. Showing a bright and powerful signature, they believe it is the upper stage of the Long March 2F rocket that powered it into orbit. Meanwhile, OBJECTs C and F are tumbling and moving in a random pattern, indicating that they are little more than space debris dumped by the rocket.

Each of the times China has launched this craft into space it has dumped various devices and other things, but little has been learned about their reasoning for being launched or their long-term plans. Looking at their rhetoric over the last few years, and especially since the first launch of the craft in 2020, it becomes incredibly apparent that the CCP is likely up to much more than simple testing.

Given their goals to “retake” Taiwan, as CCP President Xi Jinping told President Biden blankly, China is willing to do anything to get it back. As the lead microchip manufacturing nation in the globe, having them back as a part of China could put a significant choke on the chip market across the world. While this is one of the few areas that Biden is pushing for the US to increase manufacturing, it could easily be a case of too little, too late.

When Biden ignored, then downplayed the Chinese spy “weather balloon” that sailed across the US until troops shot it down off the Eastern seaboard. Once recovered, it was photographed as it was pulled from the sea. According to the released images, this supposed civilian balloon contained sophisticated radio, guidance, and imaging equipment. Flying over multiple military bases in a precise manner was clearly intentional and was being used to gather intel.

Combined with a launch like this, China could be setting the table for the release of multiple things. From an electro-frequency magnetic pulse, a missile or rocket could send a pulse that would disable electric circuits over a wide area and cause mass chaos. Neurological or biological weapons could blanket an entire city in deadly gases or liquid in a matter of minutes.

This kind of launch and the uncertainty of what the Chinese are up to is very troubling for the Americans who have taken notice. Widely underreported by most mainstream media, this is the type of incident that should be making massive waves not only in the US but across the globe. China recently has created or strengthened its alliance with Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Iran in recent months.

In essence, the Chinese are making sure to gather all possible intel on the US possible, and ensuring any help they can get when attacking the US will be on standby for them. That’s not to say with the utmost certainty that this is the start of WWIII. However, if we have any true indications it is on the horizon, this is it.