Texas May Vote on Whether to Secede from the US by Next Spring

rarrarorro / shutterstock.com
rarrarorro / shutterstock.com

It appears as though the Texas Nationalist Movement has gathered enough signatures to put a referendum on the ballot this March, asking Texans whether the Lone Star State should secede from the US. They turned the signatures in recently, and they are currently being reviewed. If they gathered enough, Texas could very well end up being an independent, sovereign nation that is separate from the United States. That’s assuming that a majority votes in favor of secession.

It’s become very clear that the United States of America is not going to survive as an intact nation beyond the next decade or so. The two main political parties have nothing in common and no reason to compromise with each other on anything these days.

For example, the radical Democrat Party believes that if a child can be confused by their elementary school teacher that they are actually a different gender, the government should be allowed to take that child away from their parents and perform permanent genital mutilation surgery on them. Where’s the compromise on that? There isn’t one. That can never be reconciled or accepted by parents who are not mentally ill.

There’s also the fact that America has now taken in more foreign nationals than any other nation in history. Since the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, we’ve allowed close to 80 million foreigners into the country. That’s the largest mass migration of people in world history. They have no respect for our laws and traditions. They have no connection to our founding principles.

This is why the blue states where the immigrants—legal and illegal—tend to congregate are so anti-American in their policies and sentiments. They don’t think or act like Americans because they are not Americans.

This cannot continue, so the eventual outcome is going to be a splintering of the US into multiple smaller nations.

Texas may be on the verge of deciding to secede from the United States peacefully. The Texas National Movement (TNM) only needed about 98,000 signatures to put their “Texit” referendum on the ballot. They submitted almost 140,000. So, it appears that they will meet the threshold to have the referendum voted on, so long as those signatures are from registered voters.

TNM President Daniel Miller says, “Federal overreach and legislative blood baths have been plaguing Texas politics for far too long. Truth be told, the sheer number of signatures proves that people are hungry for states to exercise their constitutional rights, but nothing would have happened unless we acted first.”

The Texas constitution states that Texans “have at all times the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think expedient.”

There are growing signs of even more states considering such actions. A majority of counties in Oregon and California, for example, voted for Donald Trump in 2020. The residents of those rural counties have no political voice so long as they are ruled by the radical communist population centers in Portland and San Francisco. They are completely disenfranchised.

Every county in Eastern Oregon has now voted to begin talks on whether they should secede from Portland to join the Greater Idaho movement. The California secessionist movement hasn’t had quite that much success but is still actively working to convince the state’s rural counties to get out peacefully while they still can.

It’s unknown at this point whether a majority of Texans will support secession. The fact that Donald Trump is going to drive turnout in the March primary, however, means that there is a real possibility it could happen.