Kamala is Named on a Forbes List; Mockery Ensues

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

Want to know who the most powerful women in the world are? Forbes has a list. But number three on the list has to be a joke, right?

Why do I ask? Well, if you haven’t seen the list, third place goes to none other than Vice President Kamala Harris.

Let the mockery ensue…

Of course, I don’t just say that in a suggestion or jest. It has already begun, in fact.

As you can imagine, when reading through the list, most of us would expect to find women with high achievements, impressive titles, and nearly unrivaled influence.

You know, people like just about everyone else but Harris on the list.

First place went to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen of Belgium. Second place goes to European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde of Germany. Fourth to Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. And rounding out the top five, we have American pop superstar Taylor Swift.

No matter what your opinion of Taylor Swift is, there is no arguing that she, like all the rest of the women on this list, is, in fact, quite influential. And that makes them all-powerful, too.

But then there is Kamala Harris.

Sure, she has an auspicious title: Vice President of the United States. However, just about everyone knows that this position is little more than another way for any administration to put on a good face for the nation.

Even founding father John Adams, the first person to ever hold this office, wasn’t impressed with it. In 1793, he once wrote, “My Country has in its Wisdom contrive for me, the most insignificant Office that ever the Invention of Man contrived or his Imagination conceived.”

And if a founding father saw the office and its role as “insignificant,” I dare say there’s probably not much “power” in it.

Now, since Adams’ time, it’s not like the office holds no place at all. Throughout history, various vice presidents have proved the office worthy of note. But it wasn’t the office or its role in our executive branch that did so much as the individual holding that office.

And Harris has proved herself quite pointless indeed.

You may remember that when the Biden-Harris team entered the White House, there was talk of them being unlike any other president/vice president relationship in history, specifically noting that Harris would be part of the A team and not simply a pretty face to smile and wave.

According to Biden, she was supposed to take on a great many important tasks. She was even supposed to attend nearly every single meeting Biden had to.

And yet, it didn’t take long for Biden and his staff to realize she was pretty much worthless. First, he gave her the ongoing immigration crisis. She did little more than travel on vacation to South America.

He gave her COVID vaccinations, hoping she could get the entire nation jabbed and double jabbed. She failed at that, too. Of course, there are a few other items he gave her along the way.

She failed them all. So, he has learned not to really trust her.

So much for an equal partnership.

And as everyone knows, she wouldn’t even be in the White House if it weren’t for two qualities, both of which she had no choice over. Biden declared he would choose a woman “of color” as his VP. And a woman of color, Harris is. Although that’s pretty much all she is.

Oh, she’s younger than Biden, as he also promised to choose someone who could
take over for him on “day one.”

But she certainly isn’t powerful. At least not in the way the other four women are.

And social media seems to agree.