For the First Time in History, an NBC News Poll Shows Trump Beating Biden

RozenskiP /
RozenskiP /

Joe Biden’s support among his own voter base has crumbled so badly that not even NBC News can continue to gaslight its own viewers. For example, for the first time in history, an NBC News poll for November now shows that Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in a head-to-head 2024 matchup.

That’s never happened before. NBC News uses some of the most dishonest polling methods, heavily weighted toward Democrats, that the results have never before shown Donald Trump leading Joe Biden. This trend of fake NBC News polls extends all the way back to 2019.

But in November polling, Trump is suddenly leading Biden among NBC’s obviously left-leaning viewers by 46% to 44%. In September they were tied in NBC’s poll, and back in June, Joe Biden was up by +4 over Trump.

This continues the trend of polling in which more and more Democrat voters just can’t stomach the thought of four more years with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House. A poll from New York State last week earlier this week, for example, showed Biden leading Donald Trump by just 10 points in a head-to-head matchup. Biden defeated Trump by 23 points in 2020 in New York. Interestingly, Donald Trump’s vote percentage in that poll was unchanged from 2020, which means that Biden is simply losing support from his own base.

A New York Times poll also found last week that Trump is leading Biden in five of the six swing states that were stolen from Trump in 2020. Thanks to the rampant 40% inflation since he’s been in office and the catastrophic disaster of our wide-open southern border, even Joe Biden’s own voters can’t stand him any longer.