MMA Champ Conor McGregor Calls for Civil War in Ireland over Illegal Alien Murders

Keith J Finks /
Keith J Finks /

A notorious murder trial in Ireland just wrapped up, and the government’s response to it has UFC champion Conor McGregor calling for a civil war in his home country. Even though the illegal alien received life in prison for viciously murdering a young schoolteacher, the Irish government doesn’t want to do the one thing that would solve this problem: stop mass illegal immigration.

23-year-old Ashling Murphy was walking home in the afternoon in broad daylight in January of 2022 when an illegal alien from Slovakia named Jozef Puška suddenly attacked her. He jumped off his bicycle, tackled her, and then stabbed her in the neck 11 times. Puška then sliced her throat and strangled her to finish her off.

Puška was just found guilty at trial last week. As Ashling’s fiancé noted, Puška came to Ireland illegally 10 years ago. He’s never had a job. He gets free housing and welfare. Puška has never contributed to Irish society in any way. Ashling Murphy’s death never would have happened if the Irish government had simply deported him back to Slovakia the moment he showed up.

As a solution to the senseless and brutal murder of a primary schoolteacher, the Irish government has suggested that they need to hold more seminars warning illegal aliens about how violence against women is wrong.

The always flamboyant and boisterous Conor McGregor didn’t take kindly to that. After calling various members of the Irish government the C-word on Twitter/X, McGregor threatened civil war against the Irish government:

“Horrific this whole situation has been. Shame on the Irish government for harboring this. THIS IS YOUR FAULT AND WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!! Despicable system! The Irish government makes me ashamed to be Irish. We are appalled with you all! You can’t fix this, no problem it is a war then and God is with us!!”

He also tweeted an emoji of a bomb and a gun. If Western governments don’t start listening to the people and start mass deportations soon, the people are going to start making good on McGregor’s threat.