Pennsylvania School District Superintendent Got Massive Severance Package

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There’s quite a bit of drama happening within the Central Bucks School District of Pennsylvania. They approved a severance package of over $700,00 to Abram Lucabaugh, the superintendent who recently resigned.

It’s not uncommon for school districts to approve severance packages for their employees after many years of service. However, $700k is quite a bit of money. According to the Republican-dominated board, though, they have justification for the amount. It is a year’s salary as well as over $200k in unused sick time.

The vote to issue the package was 6-3.

Many take issue with not only the money but also because Lucabaugh endorsed a number of “far-right” educational policies.

Some of the policies that the superintendent backed were put forth by Moms for Liberty, a group known for its extremism. One policy that was fully supported was an anti-LGBTQ+ agenda. Essentially, they want a more conservative approach to education in the classroom.

Board president Dana Hunter was one who supported Lucabaugh’s severance package and said, “This is the best thing – not only for our district financially, but it’s the best thing we can do for him, and he has done right by us.”

Hunter, too, will leave the board next month. There is a shift in politics, so many Republicans will be leaving – the people of Central Bucks want to adopt more liberal policies.

One resident asked, “What’s driving this resignation and this deal? Are you so scared of the incoming board majority? Are you afraid of what they will find? Is this a bid to buy your silence?”

Right now, Lucabaugh will walk away with his $700k. As for the conservative approach that has been taken within the school district, this may go away as the new and more liberal board takes their seats at the table. It could lead to more inclusivity and more LGBTQ+ rights. This could also lead to the over-sexualization of children, so we’ll see what parents have to say in a year from now.