Biden Regime Invited China to Inspect a Sensitive Nuclear Site

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As if we needed any further proof that Joe Biden is bought and paid for by China, his regime has extended an invitation to Chinese and Russian scientists to visit the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Nevada National Security Site. That’s America’s top-secret facility for testing nuclear weapons. Congress, of course, was never alerted about this invitation and only found out about it from press reports. House Republicans are now demanding answers from Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm.

GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is leading a group of 18 Republicans demanding answers into why Granholm would roll out the red carpet for America’s adversaries to inspect one of our most sensitive nuclear sites. It’s not like we haven’t been in a proxy war against Russia for almost two years now in Ukraine (and losing badly). China, of course, is hoping that the US will get dragged even deeper into a war with Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran, so it can finish off its reunification efforts with Taiwan.

“Inviting Communist China and Russia to have a front-row seat for our sensitive nuclear weapons tests will give them invaluable information on how to defeat our nuclear capabilities and improve their own,” Stefanik told Fox News.

“At a time when our adversaries are growing their nuclear stockpiles to undermine America’s leadership, allowing them access to one of our nuclear test sites will only advance this pursuit and lead to our own destruction,” she added.

Bloomberg News reported in September that the invitation to China and Russia was extended by Granholm during the latest International Atomic Energy Agency summit. Russia and China were so stunned by the idiotic offer that they didn’t respond immediately. Could the American government really be that stupid with Joe Biden leading the show?

(Narrator’s Voice: Yes. Yes, it could.)

Several months ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended his nation’s only remaining nuclear arms control pact with the US. It was another stunning foreign policy failure on the part of the Biden regime, perhaps second only to the disastrous surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban. Putin, who was actually elected as president of his country (unlike another leader in this story), signed a new law last week pulling Russia out of the ratification of a global treaty banning nuclear weapons tests.

Just last month, Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) introduced a bill that would block all foreign nationals (including legal immigrants) from witnessing any testing that happens in US nuclear labs. The House passed the bill on October 26th as part of the FY 2024 Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act. The fact that Congress even has to pass a law like that, to remind the Biden regime that it’s not a good idea to allow foreign adversaries access to our nuclear testing sites, shows just how much China and Russia have Joe Biden in their back pocket.

Both nations have allegedly paid out bribes to the Biden family through their global influence peddling schemes. There are mountains of evidence pointing to this conclusively, according to multiple Republicans in the House. Despite these facts, new House Speaker Mike Johnson announced over the weekend that there’s just “not enough evidence” to bring Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden.

Where does this all end? Are we even going to have a country left by the time the 2024 election rolls around? None of this would be happening if Donald Trump were still in office. Every time we turn around, the Biden regime has found some new way to humiliate and endanger the American people. This can’t continue.