Lake Agrees: Biden Will Be Replaced

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

If you’ve been living anywhere besides under a rock the last couple of years, you know that Joe Biden has no real chance of winning the presidential election in 2024. And that’s precisely why Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake is pretty sure they will replace him at the last moment.

She said as much on Monday while speaking to Newsmax host Eric Bolling. Naturally, the 2024 election and all its possibilities came up.

Lake, like most of us, has seen Biden’s health, most physically and mentally, decline significantly over the past few years. Couple that with near-disastrous polling and even lower job approval ratings, and Lake is right. There’s no way Biden will win the hearts and minds of the people of the United States.

The problem, of course, is that Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t any better of an option.

And that’s why those like Lake are suggesting the whole Biden/Harris ticket will suddenly be replaced. She even thinks she has a good idea about who that person will be.

For her, it’s liberal California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Now, anyone with a lick of sense or who’s seen anything from the Golden State of late knows that Newsom has pretty much singlehandedly ruined California. As Lake says, he’s the reason there are sayings like “Don’t California my Arizona” or substitute any other state name.

But, at this point, he might be the best the Democrats have to offer. And recently, he’s been making some plays that certainly look like he’s prepping for a higher calling.

Remember when he started taking on GOP presidential candidate and Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis? I doubt that was simply to ruin DeSantis. He’s also endorsed Biden, making himself look like a good little soldier.

Meanwhile, he’s taken some far more centrist turns, such as vetoing more extreme left-leaning bills, you know, the kind of legislation he’d usually be all for.

And then, last week, he flew to China and met with President Xi Jinping.

So yeah, I’d say there’s a good possibility he could soon be replacing Biden on the Democratic ticket.

Either him or Michelle Obama….