It’s Time to Sanction Hamas…Ted Cruz Has a Plan

lev radin /
lev radin /

The number of Hamas is alarming, and they’re causing a significant amount of destruction in Israel and beyond right now. Women, babies…no one is safe from their wrath.

If we were to listen to the Democrats, we should let them be. So what if they want to cause mass destruction? They are pro-Palestine and, therefore, they are justified in what they are doing.

Of course, that’s nonsense. It’s why it’s a good thing that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has a plan to put an end to such things – and it will involve sanctions on every known Hamas member.

According to Fox News, Cruz has introduced the “Hamas Sanctions Act.” It prohibits money from going to the Gaza Strip, which is being controlled by Hamas. It is reported that the bill would sanction such members that are known to the US Treasury within 15 days.

Cruz told Fox that “The Biden administration has been indirectly and even directly funding Hamas and Hamas’s financiers in Iran.” He claims that the administration has allowed hundreds of millions of dollars to go to the Gaza Strip, even though they know that it would benefit the Hamas terrorists.

The bill that Cruz has introduced would impose sanctions on Hamas members as well as any facility that provides services to the militants and leaders of Hamas, including hotels, banks, and landmarks.

Further, Biden would be required to deliver updates on whether Qatar and/or Turkey qualify as state terrorism sponsors for hosting Hamas.

Cruz has made bold accusations of Biden and the rest of the administration, saying that they have “allowed roughly $100 billion to flow to the Iranian regime by unfreezing accounts and refusing to enforce oil sanctions.”

The bill would allow $6 billion to be refrozen.

Between refreezing assets and using sanctions, it could drastically impact Hamas and what they are capable of doing.

It’s important that the US stand with Israel so that they have the means to eradicate Hamas. Without such a sanctions act, there’s no telling whether Israel would continue to stand.