Donald Trump is Up 12 Points Over Joe Biden in Ohio, +9 in PA, +7 in WI

A package of diapers that cost $30 when Donald Trump was in office now costs $46 under Joe Biden. With a track record like that, it’s no wonder Trump appears to be running away with the 2024 presidential election at this time. From war to the economy to immigration, no occupant of the White House has ever done a worse job than Joe Biden. The internal polling for the Democrats is so bad that they keep indicting Donald Trump for fake crimes. Trump’s margin of victory appears to be so large in polling for next year that Democrats won’t be able to cheat enough to steal the election from him again.

Polling has been terrible for quite a few years now, but the latest numbers give us good reasons to be optimistic about next year. Throughout 2016 and 2020, Trump almost never led Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden in any of the polls. Yet he trounced Hillary in 2016 and probably would have beaten Biden in a Nixonian landslide in 2020 if not for the cheating in five blue counties in swing states.

For example, Trump is polling ahead of Biden by 12 points in Ohio right now. They were neck-and-neck in the polling in 2020, when Trump won the state by roughly 500,000 votes. The latest poll from Emerson College Polling shows Trump with a substantial double-digit lead over Joe Biden that can’t possibly be overcome next year.

That’s not surprising. Trump traveled to East Palestine, Ohio, to deliver bottled water and supply people affected by the train derailment there. Joe Biden has never gone to Ohio to support the residents. Nor has he offered any sort of government assistance for the people there, even as he sent $200 billion to the CIA psy-op happening in Ukraine right now. People notice things like that, and Trump understands it. Biden shot himself in the foot in Ohio.

In 2020, Biden was polling at +1.2 points over Trump going into the election. Trump had a substantial lead of about 700,000 votes when everyone went to bed that night. After a few days of counting mysterious and illegal ballots that poured into one county, Biden somehow won Pennsylvania by 480,000 “votes.” Once all the fake votes had poured in, Biden had “won” Pennsylvania with 43% of the vote, compared to Trump’s 42% of the vote.

In the latest 2024 polling from Pennsylvania, Trump leads Biden by a 45% to 36% margin. Nine points!

The reason for this big flip-flop is that independents have had enough of Joe Biden’s hot sidewalk garbage policies. Trump leads Biden by 44% to 14% in Pennsylvania among independents. People aren’t stupid. They know that household goods like diapers have gone up by more than 50% under the dementia potato, and they want Donald Trump to come back and fix this mess.

In Michigan, another state that was stolen in 2020, Biden led Trump by 4.2% in polling going into the election. Trump never led Biden in polling in that state, which was yet another example of a state where they stopped counting ballots in a blue county and then had a massive dump of ballots for Biden in the middle of the night.

In 2024, Trump is leading Biden by a 7-point margin of 42% to 35% in Michigan.

This is the reason behind all the fake indictments. There simply are not enough illegitimate names on the dirty voter rolls in these states for the Democrats to cheat their way to another Biden victory. Donald J. Trump is on his way to a historic victory in 2024, and there’s nothing else they can do to stop him other than throw him in prison (and even that might not work).