Hunter Biden Has a Mugshot, and the Government Doesn’t Want You to See It

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You can easily find a video of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) having her boob grabbed on a night vision camera in a Colorado theater if you want to. This is despite the fact that it was an obvious sexual assault on a drugged/drunk woman carried out by a Democrat Party operative who is friends with Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. You can also find the mugshot of America’s real president – Donald J. Trump – without much effort. But would you like to see Hunter Biden’s mugshot from his arrest last summer? Too bad, American serf! That’s classified!

You can tell a lot about the administration in power by how transparent it is with the American voters. Barack Hussein Obama promised in 2008 to have the “most transparent administration in history” when he won the presidency. That was a total lie. Want to see the Fast & Furious documents from when Obama and his “wingman” Attorney General Eric Holder hatched a plan to have American citizens killed by Mexican drug cartels to undermine the Second Amendment?

Too bad! Executive privilege! You don’t get to see those. What do you think you are—a VOTER?!

Want to see Obama’s thesis from Columbia University? Not happening. Want to know about the fact that he smokes crack and has gay sex with men and that his marriage to Michelle is a complete and total sham (and that his kids probably aren’t even his)? So sorry. That’s not something you’re entitled to know about.

Would you like to see the transgender mass killer from Nashville’s manifesto? That’s not happening. Too dangerous to the narrative that transgenders are untouchable holy figures who must be worshiped in America and not deranged psychopaths who will kill children at the drop of a hat if you offend their delusions.

Do you want to know the identity of the January 5 bomber who placed the fake pipe bombs outside of the RNC and DNC to help set up the FBI’s “fedsurrection” on January 6, 2021? The FBI knows who that was, by the way. They saw clear surveillance video of his license plate number as he was planting the bombs.

Too bad! Go eff yourself, America, because the Biden regime won’t release that.

Would you like to know who was on Jeffrey Epstein’s client list? How many of the world’s celebrities and financial and political elites was Epstein blackmailing? How many times did Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Tom Hanks fly on Epstein’s Child Rape Plane to land on Epstein’s private Illuminati Child Rape Island in the Caribbean to allegedly rape kids? Sorry, you don’t get to know that.

You just have to accept the fact that Ghislaine Maxwell is the first person in world history to be convicted of sex trafficking boys and girls to no one in particular.

But if you want to see Donald Trump’s mugshot, or a night vision video of Rep. Lauren Boebert engaging in perfectly normal heterosexual date activity in a dark theater, you can see that.

Did you even realize that Hunter Biden’s mugshot was taken back in July when he was arraigned for his “sweetheart” plea deal? Most American’s didn’t know that had happened. If Hunter Biden was a Republican and not a protected crackhead Democrat, you’d probably have his mugshot on your computer as a screensaver right now.

Jesse Watters of Fox News is attempting to finally get Hunter Biden’s mugshot publicly released. Do you think he’ll be successful?