Why Farmer’s Markets are Key to Our Economy (and Our Future)

AYA images / shutterstock.com
AYA images / shutterstock.com

Farmer’s markets play a crucial role in supporting and stimulating the economy in various ways. Consider these reasons on your way to the large grocery store, and you may do a U-turn.

Local Economic Growth
The average American family dinner travels more than 2,500 miles from farm to plate. There’s no need to wait for days (or even weeks) for your favorite veggies to make it to your grocery store. Instead, support your local farmers by shopping at farmer’s markets. These are the same people who you talk to at the local coffee shop and yell with during Friday Night Lights.

Job Creation
If posts from people looking for jobs fill your social media feed, you can help them by shopping at your local farmer’s market. These venues in your neighborhood create jobs for farmers, market organizers, staff, and vendors. These jobs reduce unemployment rates and increase overall income in the area. Then, you can see news on social media from your friends who work as hard as you do.

Tourism and Increased Foot Traffic
Farmer’s markets draw in people from about 30 miles away. Therefore, do not be surprised if you run into your friends and family whom you have been trying to find time to see. Simultaneously, you may see exciting developments near the farmer’s market that you did not even know were happening. You may find out about other events, experience food trucks from beyond your typical reach, and many other surprises.

Promotion of Small Businesses
If you are tired of fighting with customer service agents who barely speak English, shop at your local farmer’s market. On the off chance that you are unhappy with your purchase, they’ll work hard to keep your business. They know that word-of-mouth is their best marketing tactic. It sure beats the 10-day wait that most chain stores expect from you before you see your money back in your bank account.

So, what do you think? It’s about time you find out where your local farmer’s market is being held. Shop local.