Leftist News Outlet Decried Pinnacle Jet As Waste of Money Despite Its Minimal Setbacks and Massive Achievements

Mike Mareen / shutterstock.com
Mike Mareen / shutterstock.com

After a major malfunction of an F-35 fighter jet, the liberal left wasted no time coming after the project and calling it a failure and a waste of money. At the helm of the attack was Hayes Brown of MSNBC. Armed with his International Studies degree, he believes his opinions of the project are that of experts on aeronautics, the military, or even how the jet should have been found.

“Since it was first pitched in the early 1990s, a host of catastrophes, setbacks, and cost overruns have made the F-35 the object of mass ridicule outside the Pentagon. For all its flaws, and despite it being the most expensive weapons system ever developed, there’s no danger that the program will be scrapped anytime soon. And honestly, that makes the F-35 the greatest tangible metaphor for U.S. military spending ever to exist.”

Never mind the combat operations the jet has been flown in and the aeronautical achievements the jet is in and of itself. Yet, for Brown, this is not enough. Instead, he picks the liberal mindset of looking for the small problems and calling them the root of all evil. His focus is so far off it’s not even funny at this point.

“So, yes, In many, many ways, the F-35 vanishing over South Carolina is hilarious. (And, perhaps, a minor vindication of former President Donald Trump, who many times suggested that the plane is literally impossible to see with the naked eye.) But when you consider what it says about how the people in power chose to spend taxpayer money — well, that makes me want to trigger their ejection seats.”

Brown should be thankful he lives in a country that wants to push the envelope for military achievement and that takes the defense of its citizens seriously. Without America’s best and bravest to work on and report on the failures of these machines, we would not have this advancement. Instead of being a snarky bastard, he could try being grateful. Might do him some good.