Shokin’s Explosive Interview is More Bad News for Biden 

Muhammad Aamir Sumsum /
Muhammad Aamir Sumsum /

While the mainstream media has been working overtime to convince the American people that there was “nothing to see” regarding the firing of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, Shokin himself may disagree. 

In a recent FoxNews interview, the disgraced prosecutor made it clear in no uncertain terms that Hunter and his father, President Joe Biden, accepted bribes from Ukraine while Biden was the vice president. 

“They were being bribed,” Shokin said. “And the fact that Joe Biden gave away $1 billion in U.S. money in exchange for my dismissal, my firing — isn’t that alone a case of corruption?”  

Shokin expressed frustration that he wasn’t being heard, telling One Nation host Brian Kilmeade that he has never strayed from his position that he was fired by Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in 2016 on Biden’s command due to ongoing investigation into Burisma. At the time, Shokin was investigating the energy company for corruption, including selling, using, and producing natural gas supplies illegally. 

According to liberal news sources, it was merely coincidental that Hunter sat on the board of Burisma as things were heating up Burisma. For Hunter, coincidences are common, including the one involving a $142,000 payout from Kenes Rakishev in 2014, shortly after then-vice president Joe Biden met with the Kazakh businessman. The money was used by Hunter to purchase a Porsche, coincidentally priced in the $142k range. 

Shokin’s assertions were validated in July by Hunter’s friend Devon Archer, who also sat on the Burisma board alongside the younger Biden. During Archer’s testimony, he revealed that Burisma’s leaders turned to Hunter to contact Biden and convince him to turn up the pressure to get Shokin fired. 

Shokin explained that both then-vice president Biden and Poroshenko knew that allowing him to continue his investigation was risky.  “We would have found the facts about the corrupt activities that they were engaging in,” Shokin said. The investigation would have revealed illegalities and corruption involving Hunter, Archer, and others. 

For several years, the White House claimed that Shokin was ousted because he was “soft on corruption” and refused to investigate Burisma and other leaders and lawmakers. They pointed to news releases from several liberal sites that claimed Shokin was not investigating Burisma when he was fired. 

But just one month prior to being fired, Shokin won a court order and seized property belonging to Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky, including a Rolls-Royce, four homes, and two pieces of land. This indicates that the investigation was active at the time of Shokin’s ouster, contrary to the White House claims. This fact was verified by Archer during his testimony, and he further revealed that Shokin was considered a “threat” to Burisma. 

Shokin maintains that his job performance was not a deciding factor in his removal, despite the White House’s claims. He told FoxNews that there were “no complaints whatsoever” and “no problems” with how he was performing his job. He explains that he was fired “because pressure was repeatedly put on Poroshenko.” 

Biden admitted that he demanded Shokin be fired in exchange for a congressionally approved $1 billion aid package. “I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a b**ch. He got fired,” Biden boasted publicly in 2018. Biden faced no punitive actions for his admission. An FBI informant revealed that the Bidens received $10 million from Burisma after the vice president ensured Shokin’s removal. 

The White House claims that Biden was attempting to remove Shokin to replace him with another prosecutor who would be more aggressive in investigating the country’s corruption. But that argument seems to only work for Democrats.  

In December 2019, Trump faced impeachment for allegedly withholding congressionally approved aid from Ukraine for “policy reasons.” Ironically, he allegedly threatened to withhold the aid if the country didn’t further investigate its own internal corruption. Democrats forged ahead with an impeachment, calling his actions “abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.”  

The spin machine is working overtime to downplay Shokin’s explosive FoxNews interview, calling him a corrupt and unreliable witness. But as the evidence mounts, smoke-and-mirrors tactics are failing miserably. No matter how many times the truth is denied, it is still the truth.