One Out of Three People Believe COVID Vaccine Causes Sudden Deaths and that Ivermectin Was an Effective Treatment 

Mongkolchon Akesin /
Mongkolchon Akesin /

The Kaiser Family Foundation released the startling results of a recent poll, drawing national attention to the potential risks of COVID vaccines even as the Biden administration is readying America for the next “pandemic.” 

In findings that the mainstream media quickly denounced as a “widespread belief in misinformation,” it was found that one out of every three Americans believed that the COVID-19 vaccines caused the sudden deaths of thousands of healthy people nationwide. 

The same study found that one out of every three believed that ivermectin was effective for treating COVID. In 2022, the National Institutes of Health released studies that confirmed this “misinformation” as true. The drug was a safe, affordable, and effective alternative to other treatment therapies, concluded the NIH, and a three-day dose “showed the significant reduction in culture viability in the ivermectin group compared to placebo.”  

Additionally, the study found that ivermectin had beneficial anti-inflammatory properties and that by acting as both an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory drug, it was a “potential treatment against COVID-19 in its different stages.” Studies revealed that ivermectin resulted in shorter hospitalization times when used as treatment in COVID’s early stages. 

The NIH study confirms the findings of more than 80+ additional studies focusing on ivermectin’s role in treating COVID. The studies assessed the potential benefit of ivermectin during various stages of COVID-19, including prevention of infection, reducing viral shedding, averting hospitalization, and even mortality. 

Critics argue against the use of ivermectin primarily on the grounds that the existing body of evidence supporting its positive effects often relies on studies that lack rigorous and high-quality methodologies. It’s important to note, though, that the absence of patent rights for this drug means pharmaceutical companies lack financial incentives to conduct further clinical trials.  

It’s also important to note that many government officials received kickbacks, called royalties, from producers of the vaccine and treatment options. 

Recently unveiled unedited records expose additional information regarding royalties received by National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers, including prominent figures like Dr. Anthony Fauci. These documents shed light on royalties paid both prior to and following the pandemic, which has prompted increased scrutiny over the accuracy of Fauci’s declarations during his appearances before Congress. 

OpenTheBooks, an organization focused on transparency, has disclosed over 1,500 pages of documents that unveil the extent of these payments. These records illustrate that not only NIH leadership but also a significant number of scientists received personal royalty payments from corporations that licensed their innovations, inventions that were initially developed using public funds. 

Several of these payments were from companies that received federal funds in the form of contracts and grants, notably those in the pharmaceutical industry.  

The NIH allows scientists to receive no more than $150,000 annually from royalties. Fauci, who initially claimed to know nothing about royalties, changed his story to say that people who received royalties did not have to report them. 

Per the KFF study, at least one in three people believe that the vaccines were pushed for political and financial gain, with little testing done before their release and a known potential for side effects up to and including death.  

Additionally, one in three people believe that ivermectin was effective for treatment but not advanced because the affordable medication was not in the financial interest of big pharma and those receiving “royalties.” 

While the Biden administration refuses to acknowledge the deaths or link them to the vaccine, the European Medicines Agency has been more forthcoming. They reported 11,448 deaths following vaccinations in healthy people and nearly 51,000 deaths from complications of the vaccine with preexisting medical conditions. 

But liberals cling to their COVID vaccinations and costly treatments as closely as conservatives cling to guns and religion, refusing to acknowledge any risks with them and penalizing people who refused to gamble with their lives or the lives of their kids.  

At a time when the Biden administration is ramping up efforts to poke more holes in the arms of Americans, it’s time for Americans to come forward and poke holes in the liberal narrative. 

One in three would agree.