DeSantis Drone Shifts Platform; Would Rather Have Biden in Office Than Trump if DeSantis Loses

Bill Mitchell has been supporting Republican FL Governor Ron DeSantis and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Trump out of office. While many had previously assumed he was just one of the most hard-line Republicans to exist, he has made it clear that he is just another “never-Trumper.” Posting on Twitter, he drew a big line in the sand.

“Here’s the plan. If Trump keeps being a prick to DeSantis and wins the nomination, DeSantis supporters should organize to write in DeSantis in the General. We’ll vote straight red down ballot to make sure we control Congress to keep Biden in check for 4 more years. But Trump will NEVER be president again.”

One user tried to ask him about a previous sentiment that it could be any Republican, but Mitchell claimed he had elected to change his mind on the subject.

In 2016, Mitchell soared his viewership behind President Trump. He had been staying on the train through the good and the bad. Then at the start of 2023, he announced he would be backing DeSantis. This change is something many worry could be perceived poorly if DeSantis keeps backing their wishy-washy support like it means something.

Former Trump campaign official Kaelan Dorr said it best. “It should come as no surprise that Bill Mitchell, who is only notable for changing his mind and taking people’s money for a fictitious ‘studio,’ has changed his mind and has made it his sole purpose to stop a Republican from being President. You’ve heard of ‘3D chess,’ before – Bill and other “influencers” simping for this outcome are only capable of calculus that is the equivalent of 0.5D Chess”