First-Ever TikTok at Home Abortion

Ti Vla /
Ti Vla /

In our nation’s history, there have been tons of “where were you” moments. Especially when it comes to entertainment platforms like television or the Internet. From the first steps on the moon to when JFK got shot to 9/11. As many like to call them, these are the moments that shaped our nation. Now with Roe v. Wade being overturned, the liberals are doing everything they can to bring attention to themselves to keep or even bring back their godless abortions.

Known simply as Monica, the 25-year-old woman from Los Angeles, California, posted a video to TikTok on July 20th where she filmed herself having a chemical abortion while nine weeks pregnant. Speaking with Newsweek and published on August 19th, she explained why she wanted to share this private sin with the world.

“I wanted to create a safe space for women to come forward and share their experiences and stories about their abortions without the fear of being judged or criticized. I’ve noticed that the media tends to ignore the topic of abortion as a whole and I thought, ‘Well, maybe if I come forward and share my own journey, we can finally talk about it.’”

Going along with the video, she offered up a lengthy description of the procedure.

“Side note: I am a 24-year-old mother of one. Overall, the pain was at a 10 for me and I have a very high pain tolerance and personally, it felt like being in labor without an epidural. Just note, this experience is NOT expected for everyone! For others it may just feel like a very bad period and I am someone who luckily doesn’t experience period cramps so this is not a usual thing for me! A special shoutout to @Planned Parenthood for helping my experience run smooth and quickly ❤️”

She also added her full list of issues. “My symptoms the first 12 hours: •Slight Nausea in the first 15 min. •Diarrhea •Dizziness •Fatigue after 10 hours My symptoms the morning after: •Spotting”

In her mind, this was the perfect decision. She believes that showing other girls how “easy” it was for her to commit a mortal sin like murder. As if it’s a badge of honor or something. Nasty ideas like this have been perverting modern entertainment for years, and this one has sent much of TikTok into a frenzy.

Monica’s efforts resulted in her most popular video to date, with over 3 million views in a month, but since then, people have gone back to paying her very little attention, with many remaining well below even 10k. Given the binge-scrolling and sharing people do with TikTok, these are the pedestrian numbers that anyone can achieve with minimal work.

What’s most disturbing about this post is her choice of abortion, so take this as an advisory before reading on.

Called mifepristone, the chemical cocktail in a pill works by keeping the action of progesterone blocked. This means the woman’s body does the unnatural thing of stopping the feeding of the fetus. With the progesterone blocked, the uterus lining rapidly deteriorates, and with blood and nourishment now fully blocked off, the baby then dies in the womb. Misoprostol (aka Cytotec) will then cause contractions, and the baby is then aborted from the uterus.

Despite her downplaying of this, there is a massive amount of risk in abortion, especially in one like this, which in essence, causes a planned miscarriage. From bleeding out to complete sterilization or infection are not only possible but happen somewhat frequently. Enough so to make many physicians incredibly concerned and, even where legal, unwilling to prescribe the cocktail.

Monica already has one f*ck trophy and was unwilling to have a second. To her, the youngster was not living, not even human. For her, this was like having a growth removed and taking no responsibility for how it happened. Hopefully, the one that dodged the coat hanger doesn’t resent her for letting his buddies and their family members watch her off his little brother or sister.