Fani Willis Wants Fame, Not a Safer Fulton County

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It’s possible that Trump is getting the raw end of the deal when it comes to his indictments. If you haven’t heard, Fani Willis is looking to stack on even MORE indictments for the former president.

The Fulton County DA seems more interested in making a name for herself than keeping the city safe from crime.

It should come as no surprise that quite a few district attorneys who have taken on big cases find that they can move up quickly. She’s a county DA. Obviously, there’s more money for state attorneys as well as those who work in high-profile government positions.

If she can be the one to take Donald Trump down, she’ll have job offers being handed left and right. Let the corruption begin!

Willis may be overstepping when it comes to prosecuting Trump since she’s local, not state. That, and she is quite comfortable with talking to the press and the public about the case. According to her, transparency is everything.

The indictment from Georgia focuses on Trump’s demand to find additional votes and how he allegedly interfered with the entire democratic process of the state.

Who is Fani Willis, however? According to The Washington Post, “Willis, a Democrat, is a longtime prosecutor who was elected in 2020 as district attorney. She is the first Black woman to hold the job, taking office just days after audio leaked of a phone call Trump made to Raffensperger pressuring him “to find” enough votes to overturn his election loss in the state.”

She’s definitely looking for fame.

If she was focused on doing her job, we wouldn’t see the massive crime waves throughout Fulton County. She would be prosecuting the criminals so that they are taken off the street.

Instead, we can take a look at the crime rate of Willis’ county on Neighborhood Scout. The chances of being a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 110 – about double that of the state of Georgia as a whole. It’s only safer than 12% of other neighborhoods in the entire US.

Crimes that the county deals with include assault, robbery, rape, and murder.

And yet, Willis isn’t focused on any of that. She’s focused on taking Donald Trump down, even though there are three other indictments that could do that – mostly on a federal level.

It may be time for someone to remind Fani Willis what her actual job is so that the people of Fulton County can be kept safe.