Good Grief: Out-of-Touch Mike Pence Doesn’t Know How to Pump Gas in Latest Campaign Ad

mark reinstein /
mark reinstein /

The Mike Pence 2024 campaign has just released what might be the cringiest ad of the season so far. That’s saying something since we’ve been watching the DeSantis campaign! In the ad, Mike Pence gets out of a pickup truck to pump some gas. Things did not go over as well as Pence’s marketing consultants had probably planned.

The Pence campaign already received a death blow last month when Tucker Carlson asked him why he was not concerned about America but wanted to send tanks and F-16s to Ukraine. “That’s not my concern,” retorted Pence, meaning that America is not his concern.

At this point, the only thing left to do is laugh at Pence’s pitiful campaign until it comes to an end sometime next January (once people start voting in the primaries). Trust us when we say there is laughter aplenty in this new ad.

Aside from the hilarious realization that Mike Pence doesn’t actually know how to pump gas, his energy plan sounds like something that Mitch McConnell would come up with. Pence claims that if he’s elected president next year, he will have America back to full energy independence by the year 2040.

Whoa! Slow down there, Mike Pence! Don’t do anything hasty! The American voters would probably very much prefer Donald Trump’s energy plan, which would have us back to energy independence and affordable energy prices by sometime in 2025.

The real takeaway from this campaign ad, however, is that Mike Pence doesn’t know how to pump gas. He forgets to punch the button to select the fuel grade that he wants, so the gas pump is beeping in the background throughout the whole ad. He’s also not actually pumping any gas into the pickup truck.

What do you think? Is this the “Please clap” moment of the 2024 GOP primary?