Despite Still Being Overran, the Pentagon Yanked 1,100 Troops off the US-Mexico Border


Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered 1,500 troops to the US-Mexico border on 90-day orders in May on orders to supplement Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) in non-frontlines roles. This included the in-processing of new arrivals and logistics support. At the time of their approval, the Pentagon, President Biden, and others expected a massive surge when Title 42 ended, but reports indicated numbers have gone down.

With President Biden kicking and screaming over the idea, Austin is pushing the Department of Homeland Security to step up. As part of his contingencies for the National Guard tolling in, they would remain until October 1st, but the DHS needed to become more sufficient on the border. A shift in approvals, and they claimed they would have better staffing and funding for the mission. However, this is what they have been saying for years now.

This has become a problem of massive proportions. The removal of troops now will only help to weaken an already weak southern border. CBP cannot do it alone. They lack the manpower and the budget to do it. Instead, the post-9/11 poster children of “security” at airports are now being expected to man the southern border. Given the crack-up job they do of making a simple task take forever, the problems are likely to increase tenfold.

For Biden’s money, though, this is exactly what he wants. He gets the border flooded, they simply let them go out of frustration and a broken system. That gives him a pathway to make them “citizens” due to “special needs circumstances under Presidential power” or some term thereof. He has been showing this hand, step-by-step, since his arrival at the White House. Hopefully, this means impeachment is on its way.