Even Biden Knows Reparations Are Dead on Arrival 

Chiyacat / shutterstock.com
Chiyacat / shutterstock.com

President Joe Biden is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of our Constitution every chance he can, preferring to sidestep it all together with his pen and poorly planned Executive Orders. Only SCOTUS stands in his way, along with that annoying Constitution. 

But the SCOTUS ruling on ending affirmative action may impact more than race-based college admissions policies designed to promote Black applicants and shun whites. It’s only a matter of time until the decision impacts alleged “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” practices in the corporate world. 

And even more devastating for the progressive party, it may permanently end the reparations discussion, the biggest vote-buying scheme ever devised. 

Biden is facing enormous pressure to pass reparations legislation through Congress or, failing that, use his magic pen to unilaterally pass his own version. And so far, he is removing himself from that discussion. It’s a rare smart move for a not-always-clever president. 

In May, Representative Cori Bush (D-MO) presented a proposal requiring a $14 trillion payout to Black people based on “racist government policies” that created a “wealth gap” between whites and African Americans. The staggering monetary award recommended by Bush was calculated by “pro-reparations economists.” 

Dreisan Heath, an activist and self-proclaimed “reparations expert,” notes, “Congresswoman Bush’s legislation challenges the notion that reparations for Black people have to wait for the right political moment and aren’t feasible.”  

Heath goes on to add, “The American public should read through the entire proposal to identify the long range of government-sanctioned harms on Black America and how that has affected the healthiness of the country at large. Congresswoman Bush’s proposal details the impacts of chattel slavery and living legacies such as environmental racism, lower life expectancy rates, maternal and infant mortality, over-policing, over-incarceration, and predatory lending.” 

Biden’s inaction on reparations is drawing unwanted attention to his campaign promises to,  as Heath recalls, address “systemic racism” and the “continuing impacts of slavery” and “support a study of reparations.” She further noted that several past press secretaries have reported that the Biden administration supports a study of reparations. 

Heath is just one of a growing list of activists demanding Biden dust off his pen and issue an executive order about reparations, observing that such legislation is unlikely to pass through procedural channels. “Given it’s dead on arrival in Congress, Biden needs to act. The political gatekeeping of this issue is detrimental to the well-being of the Black community and the country at large.” 

Biden remains distanced from the discussion, however, in a rare display of common sense. While he indicates that he would support a national reparations committee, he has so far not committed to creating one using his magic pen, despite the push from Democrats and some racial injustice groups. 

Activists feel that Biden is taking the Black vote for granted. He refuses to acknowledge the issue, much less take his pen and sign its “solution.” Observers noted that on two separate occasions, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre artfully dodged questions regarding Biden’s support of reparations, the formation of a committee to study the issue, and his plans to enact legislation.  

Biden’s silence, usually welcomed in interviews and speeches, speaks louder than words. He understands that reparations are wildly unpopular among most voters and is wisely staying silent. In fact, reparations are not even unanimously supported by his own party. 

Heath notes that his inaction is costing him support in the Black community. “The Biden administration can issue an executive order today setting up a federal reparations commission,” Heath said. “Black voters continue to identify unkept promises from Biden and are less enthusiastic about his leadership because of what he has not delivered on, including reparations. The majority of Black Americans support reparations. Leaders have to be held accountable for unkept promises; they can’t coerce support and then not deliver. It’s that simple.” 

Only it’s not that simple. During the reading of the SCOTUS ruling on affirmative action, Chief Justice John Roberts noted that all government policies must be held to the Equal Protection Clause’s true intent, “color blindness.” Race, according to the 14th Amendment, cannot be a consideration in governmental policies.  

The Constitution will be pulled out and dusted off once again to stop the progressive insanity. There is no circumstance where it’s acceptable to pay someone for the color of their skin with governmental monies. 

And, surprisingly, Biden seems to already know that the fate of reparations is as dead as his political aspirations for 2024.