Biden’s Economic Approval Rating Still at Rock Bottom

Paul Froggatt /
Paul Froggatt /

Americans have never seen such a stark contrast between Republicans and Democrats as they have between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It’s no wonder Biden is so hated. His deliberate implosion of the US economy has left more American families on the brink of poverty than at any time since the Civil War. Biden’s economic approval rating is at an abysmal 37%. He deserves much worse.

The latest CNBC All-America Economic Survey shows Biden at a 37% economic approval rating, with 58% of American households disapproving. Biden has only rebounded by 3% since last summer when Bidenflation was rampaging through the economy.

A record $13.5 trillion in American household wealth evaporated in 2022 between January and September. No civilization in history has lost as much wealth in so short a time. The average household saw its wealth reduced by $7,200 in 2022. A record-high 26 million lower-income households burned through all their savings while trying to maintain their lifestyle through this rampant inflationary period.

The only reason why Biden’s approval rating improved by 3% over the past year was because more Democrats were pretending to like Biden’s economic policies. Only 24% of Americans believe that the economy will improve in the next year.

Can you blame them? Who could possibly think that things will improve? Gas prices are surging again after Joe Biden drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserves and sold the oil off to China to try to keep prices low over the past year. Now that prices are surging again, the cost of everything else will go up.

President Donald Trump’s economic policies lifted more Americans out of poverty than any previous administration in history. Joe Biden wiped those gains out and then some, and he’s done it so rapidly that it might take many years for the country to recover.