AOC LOLs Over Twitter Claim, Saying She Feels More Harassed Than Ever

Remember all that hate speech that we had to deal with when Twitter was still being run by the ultra-liberal Jack Dorsey? He even had the audacity to ban then-President Trump from the social media platform because of “misinformation.”

Now that Elon Musk bought the platform, there’s less hate speech. Twitter Safety made this claim: “More than 99% of content users and advertisers see on Twitter is healthy. And the reach of hate speech on Twitter continues to represent an extremely small fraction of the overall conversation.”

That’s great news, right? It makes it sound as though people have finally learned how to get along with one another in a civilized way.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t so easily convinced. In fact, she dropped a “lol” followed by the claim that “I have never experienced more harassment on this platform than I do now.” She believes that de-verifying journalists and figures has made it impossible to follow conversations.

The problem with AOC is she’s one of the ones responsible for producing hate speech. So, what does she really expect to get back in return?

AOC has recently targeted the Supreme Court to say that it is extremely biased. And she wants to give DACA recipients access to Medicaid and countless other benefits that are designed for American citizens.

She’s also called out countless individuals – including Chief Justice Brett Kavanagh, Ron DeSantis, and others simply because she doesn’t like the decisions they have made. Keep in mind that these are decisions that help to protect America.

The reason that she’s harassed is not because of Twitter policies. It’s because she’s a Democratic Socialist who is hell-bent on destroying the country. Perhaps she needs to keep that in mind the next time she wanders onto Twitter with one of her epic rants.