New Hampshire Prepares to “Embarrass” Biden

Mark Van Scyoc /
Mark Van Scyoc /

If you haven’t heard, the Democratic National Committee has decided to change things up a bit regarding the 2024 electoral process. And it is a move that most have categorized as shooting themselves in the foot.

For just about as long as anyone can remember, New Hampshire has hosted the first presidential primary of each election year. Similarly, Iowa holds the first caucus.
But in 2024, the White House has declared that South Carolina, usually third on the list, will go first.


Well, the primary reason is that South Carolina isn’t made up of mostly rich, white, and privileged voters. Instead, it has one of the largest black American populations in the nation.

Naturally, this would supposedly offer a party like the Democrats and an incumbent president like Joe Biden a leg up, seeing as how he didn’t do well in the primaries in 2020 until South Carolina was up to bat.

But as both New Hampshire and Iowa have made quite clear, they have no intention of seceding their first-in-the-nation positions to anyone.

And that could cause a massive problem for Biden, particularly if he doesn’t get his name put on the ballots in those states.

Usually, Democratic candidates follow the DNC schedule on when to apply and get all their ducks in a row to ensure their name ends up on the ballot. But if Biden does this, his name won’t be present for the first two major presidential votes.

And that means Biden’s opponent and a man growing in popularity among Democrats, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, will get the first leg up.

Now, Biden could still go on to win the nomination. But if RFK is awarded enough clout early on, he could challenge Biden to a debate. And we all know just how bad that could be for the 81-year-old president.

Then again, even if Biden gets his name on those early ballots, there’s no guarantee he would do well in either New Hampshire or Iowa. Iowa is already well on its way to being a red state. And New Hampshire and its voters are a little butt hurt over its dismal.

In any case, none of it is a good look for Biden and the DNC.