French President Wants to Tax Americans to Pay for Europe’s Climate Boondoggle

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French President Emmanuel Macron has hinted that the world needs a new global warming treaty so that the rest of the planet can tax Americans good and hard. Have you noticed that every global warming deal that they propose comes to the same conclusion? You deserve higher taxes and to have your national sovereignty destroyed so that they can increase their own salaries while not doing anything that could actually impact the weather.

During a meeting with a bunch of other America-hating Euro-dorks on Friday, Macron announced:

“There has been a great deal of discussion on the idea of international taxation, over and above what countries and institutions are doing. Whether it’s on financial transactions, maritime transport or certain other models, it will only work if it’s truly international, and so it presupposes an agreement.”

Does it? Because every time they come up with a deal like this, Americans are the ones who are supposed to foot 70 to 80% of the bill. Meanwhile, actual polluter countries like China and India will be asked if they want to pony up the cash to pay for Europe’s green fever dreams, and they’ll respond, “Nah. We’re good.”

If Macron’s “new” plan sounds familiar, that’s because we already went through this recently. Barack Obama had his climate czar John Kerry negotiate and sign America up for the so-called “Paris Accords.” Fortunately, President Donald Trump nuked that insane deal on his first day in office.

Europe has viewed America as its personal welfare teat for the past 50 years. They can’t even own pay for their own war against Russia over Ukraine. Speaking of which, you’d think that Macron would have more pressing concerns on his plate right now since the horde of Muslim invaders that he invited into France has now launched a civil war against him. We’ll probably end up paying for that as well.